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Ugh I felt so sorry for Lin!
But I found it hilarious how she tried to throw Pema in jail!
i guess it's to be expected that they didn't end up together... they were on the opposite sides of the element chart. just like with the zutarra couple... they didn't end up together even though they were better matched because their elements opposed each other. whee
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considering I'm still AangxToph shipper (even if this is a space ship in alternative universe kind of thing right now) so yeah...;-; it would've been awesome for the kids to be together at the very least.
I can see
them as teens
a bit in a romance

which would have
been fun to see
and hoping to see
some flash backs in coming up eps
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If Lin and Tenzin were to be together, we won't have a tough police chief that gets all the bad guys except for the Equalists.
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Eldric to common translation start_

Honestly, I don't. People grow apart, it happens. I have the feeling that Tensin and Lin grew up together, mistook a deep friendship for lasting love, and didn't want to risk what they had by admitting it wasn't working.

A prime example of this is his reaction to her attacker in the stadium. There was no malice, no hidden passion, no desire for a second chance. Just a deep seat concern for some one who is close to him. The same can be said for Lin.

They are two very close friend who had a falling out that took the Avatar to repair.

_translation end.
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I do feel bad for Lin, but I really do like Pema and Tenzin together more.
The impression I got was that they were constantly fighting and growing apart, which does happen. xD
Don't get me wrong, Lin is definitely one of my favorite characters and overall I prefer her over Pema.
I just think Pema was a better match for Tenzin.
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OMG, I love your sig. lol
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I probably would have felt bad for her if she wasn't such a b***h in the beginning...
I sympathized with Lin, but I don't feel at all bad about it. Sh!t happens.
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Yeah, I feel pretty bad for her, because it looks like it (obviously) hurt her really badly. :T I mean, it's been probably close to ten years (Jinora is like 8, right?) and she still hasn't completely gotten over it. Idk, normally I find characters like that annoying, but I think she's a lot like her mother/Toph, in that she's tough as nails on the outside, but she's still really sensitive on the inside.

Idk, I mean, I think what Pema did was honestly pretty... rude? Idk, I can't imagine ever doing that to anyone. .__. If I were emotionally invested in someone and we were kinda' in a rough place, and someone comes in and is like "oh hey btw dude I'm like uh madly in love with you and we are totally soulmates and I'm way better for you why don't you ditch that broad broski come here lemme kiss you" I mean........ I DON'T KNOW that just seems almost.... vulture-esque? On top of the fact that putting someone in that kind of position is really sort of awful in the first place. .__.;; (Both Tenzin AND Lin.)

(Not saying that I hate Pema or anything.)
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I feel bad that she's gonna to take the heat for the s**t Amon just pulled. She can find another man.
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I don't feel bad for her. She's so awesome and badass and has such awesome genes that she doesn't need people feeling bad for her
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No, people lose out on love all the time, and though I've never been in love before I've definitely been crushed. Yeah it hurts but it only made me stronger. Tenzin also mentioned that him and Lin had begun to drift apart too, so there is a chance they would've split anyway.

I like pema she's sweet and naturing I'm sure she meant no harm, but simply wanted to express herself. She did, took a chance and now she"ll be constantly having Tenzins babies.


Okay what I meant is I guess sense it's obvious Lin still has some sort of feelings towards Tenzin still whether it be hatred or some type of bitter love.
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Me and my little bro were in tears.(And trust me thats immpressive it taked alot to make my cry)Any way.Lin was great.And not she is back and i rejoyced.Any one who dislikes Lin hast o be nuts her BA is so awsome.Lin was so Brave.She is an Angel With A Shotgun
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