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OH MY GOSH A ATTIC !!! *starts playing with a dollhouse in the corner*
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Mega Man-Lover

Personally I like my basement better, if you're going for dark, nowhere beats the basement.
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So dark
Like the words from my lips
The darkness from my heart
The many corners of the room
To hide in
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O.G. Codger

Attics are quite dark.
I would think you'd enjoy the basement more though.
Being dark and underground and all.
Kind of like being buried alive... o___o
attics tend to have spider if not taken care of enough
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*sits in the back reading a journal and chuckling* Other people's thoughts are so interesting.
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Attics are more for the reminiscing types, since they usually are places for storing memorabilia. The place Ms. Morose is describing is more like a basement, or a closet... Or a basement closet.

"Dark" places don't have windows.
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Hygienic Hoarder

...I found a head in this attic...
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*snaps finger*

Your poem is fo sizzle.
You should try it at the club for some poetry slam,
Where your talent as a poet lies.
So let's wear our berets and sunglasses,
Let it be all black.
And get ourselves some cups of cappuccinos.


Speaking about cappuccinos, WHERE'S MY MOCHA FLAPPUCCINO?! scream Although I prefer Vanilla Bean or Strawberry and Creme. >>; How can I get my groove without my cup of cappuccino with foam? Man......

*snaps finger angrily*
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Oh, the stories this attic could tell....
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Obsessive Elder

What's everyone doing up here? I was going to do some EVP work.
Are there any spirits here who wish to communicate? Knock once for yes. Twice for no. Three times for 'leave a message'. Four times for 'in your dreams'. Five times for...
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oh my, a poetic NPC ^^
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you guys a pretty serious about dis place i thought it was the place that people go to ********
Attics are very good, yes.
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The Attic is where the insulation goes.

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