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And I just thought of another thing are you guys planning on doing anything about the gold here. I feel like if you don't put real money on your account its hard to get gold. Like yeah, there's Fishy Tanks and zOMG, but the tanks I've never really gotten over 4k on one and I get bored of zOMG really fast.

Sincerely, Sunny
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How many servers has it taken to store all of Gaia over the years; how many servers did gaia have in the beginning, and how many does it have now?

Started with one server, it was named sushi, and it was broken CONSTANTLY.

Reportedly, someone thought it was a coffee maker at one point.
I always thought the Sushi errors were some technical term. xp

Sushi is a type of server.

The most temperamental one they could find. 3nodding
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will edy return to the manga or a shop? and who found that letter when Johnny died?
Thank you for joining us on this week's ATA everyone! We're wrapping up on some more replies and they'll be posted in a few minutes.

Have a great week everyone!
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Animated Items - Any soon to come? Any info? Anything?

Unfortunately I can't share any info - and even if I had answers, I'm not allowed to say under threat of death from the artists. They're a tough bunch!
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Here's another thing I'd like to see happen.

I'd like for items that are hot (selling fast) in the MP to have a little flame symbol next to them. It'd be so much easier to understand what items are selling good then by trying to figure out those graphs. 3nodding

We show the "trending" items, which are items that are selling slower or faster all the sudden.

Showing items that are selling quickly would just show you the most commonly sold items, which won't change substantially. Like, sort of wildly guessing - tickets for example get bought and sold a lot and it wouldn't be useful information to see that.

I definitely see what you mean but it would need to work differently. Maybe we could just put flames on items that are trending?
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Thanks to everyone for coming out tonight! As always, we apologize for any questions we didn't get to, and hope you'll join us again next week!
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Ok I have another question now:

What do you plan to do about the massive amount of people who make accounts on this site just to

have cyber sex, and who continuously populate the flash environments and subject us users who

don't care to see them screwing and trying to hook up? I find it very annoying to see them in the

sluttiest clothing they can find spamming for sex and pics and fb accounts. It's GOT to stop and

just reporting them is not stopping them. We need more people in there with actual authority to

keep them from breaking the rules because just reporting them is NOT working! I had one of them

the other night tell me that's all this site is good for anymore is a sexual hookup site and that is

NOT what gaia is supposed to be. PLEASE pay more attention to the flash environments and police
them better, because we just can't report them fast enough anymore. Something needs to be

done besides making an announcement about it to scare them away from such behavior. Gaia is

not a whorehouse and that is what they are making it into. Please DO something!

Thanks for the post and the feedback! We're sorry to hear you've encountered some less-than-fabulous behavior in Towns. We actually do handle issues that are reported in Towns, so please make sure to report if you see anything untoward going on. As well, if you feel there is something that is a safety issue, please feel free to email safety@gaiaonline.com and let us know so we can get to it rapidly.

Take care biggrin

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