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Magnetic Gekko


PM me if you want anything

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★ General Shop Rules ★

☼ follow rules of gaia and its ToS ☼

❀ respect ❀

☼ feel free to come and chat~~ 
we get pretty bored with just the 2 of us lol ☼

❀ bumps are ♥♡♥♡♥ , but please no 
spamming, page sterching
 etc ❀

☼ enjoy your time here O(∩_∩)O嗯! ☼

★ Art Request Rules ★

☼ please post requests here!! don't pm them! NO PM!! ☼

❀ for avatar art, please provide reference from tektek or else your request might be ignored ❀

☼ if you are requesting a full body picture, but the reference picture provided does not show the whole body... be prepared to DESCRIBE or we'll use our best judgment/imagination ☼

❀ we have the right to decline you ❀

☼ please don't ask for free art and don't whine about the price ☼

❀ please do not steal any art or alter any art from MorningStar ❀

☼ please do not cancle the order if its already been accepted/started... or else we might report you for wasting our time (╯3╰) ☼

❀ and once again... enjoy your time here ;D ❀

★ Status of Artists ★

mero: 0 slots open ★**
fish: 0 slot open ★★

★ taken  ll  ☆ open  ll  * closed

meroko-chan rolled 20 0-sided dice: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 Total: 20 (20-0)

... ya random dice thing... ignore please, I don't know what do do with it, aayaahh! ANYWAYS lol sweatdrop
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☆★ sample ★☆:
animal suit chibis: refer to logos
☆★previous art sold★☆:
chibi: 【★】
chibi: 【★】

☆☆will do☆☆
4laugh preferably cute
4laugh see won't do
(please please provide picture reference)

★★won't do★★
crying anything that might make my mommy go zOMGWTF
crying aka 18+/perv/gore/ugly/blah...

☆★styles [min bribe]★☆
chibi (animal suits): 60k
chibi: 70k heart
full size: 100k [really dont want to crying ]
simple animations + 1k
items are okay too, check out my wishlist rofl

☆一。 ChibiLady:<trade recieved/lined
☆二。closed... too busy
☆三。closed... too busy

infchaos:<trade recieved/lined/coloured/watermarked/DONE>

closet jew:<trade recieved/lined/coloured/watermarked/DONE>

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Magnetic Gekko

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☆★ sample ★☆
chibi: 【★】 【★】
will post more later

★★ will do ★★
avi, OC
see won't do

☆☆ won't do ☆☆
full anthro, super old, full mecha, super muscle person, 
full out porn 
*ask me if you are unsure*

☆★ minimum bribe ★☆
price will be sbject to change when i see fit!! (depends on how busy my studies are)
chibi (like the 2 in my banner below): 3k (3000+)
chibi (style shown in sample): 800k (800 000+)
head shoots: 550k (550 000+)
3/4 body: 1.5m (1500 000+)
full body: 2m  (2 000 000 +)
currently not open (no time)

shinny things from my wishlist = ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

things that will get you...
an auto spot even if no slots are open: 
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

~~tips are always welcome~~ 
more tip = more time i spend on your picture ;D
×*ps. i love tiny details + im slow ok? so give it time*×

~ how payment works ~
$ = item + gold
$ = item + item
$ = gold
totla $ amount needs to add up to at least the min bribe amount!

☆★ slots ★☆
1. Onacafeenhigh - ★ trade received ★ 【update 1】 ★

2. KawaiiKareshiV2  - ★ trade received ★

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~ ☆★Fish☆News★☆ ~

Apr 24: omg.. havent updated this in a LONG time... exams are almost over!! yay! but im also working/ taking summer school so..... T^T anyways... lots of work will be done in the next 2 weeks or so... look forward to it!! <3 (ya... cool font is gone T^T)
Jan 20: still alive lol... back in school again... busy busy
Dec 10: tektek is alive! :) and so is exams :(
Dec 6: (20:15) tektek died... i no longer have any reference... T-T
Dec 6: (10:45) a) need to major study for exams b) planning to finish everything by the end of x-max (prays) c) after looking around other shops... might up my price by some... first so i dont get so many requests (cause really dont have that much time to draw) and also $___$
Dec 5: had some laptop problems... did nothing.. >.>
Dec 4: finially done HW! updated pictures
Nov 30: is now craming essay @@
Nov 24: kinda busy with school work... delays.. delays...
Nov 21: started news section
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[size=20][b][color=indigo]★ART PLEASE★[/color][/b][/size]
[b]REQUEST FOR:[/b]name of artist here
[b]REFERENCE:[/b] what you want (tektek for avi art)
[b]DESCRIPTION:[/b] eg. expression personality
[b]BRIBE:[/b] item/gold

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☼ start trade with the artist you've ordered from when we accept 4laugh
☼ we will give you 3 days to set up the trade, if you do later, your spot might be taken and we will grey list you ☼
❀ the trade will be accepted once the picture has been started ❀ 
☼ a watermarked version will be shown to you up on completion ☼
finish the trade ❀ 
☼ for un-watermarked picture pickup, see post below ☼
❀ tips are always welcome heart ❀ 
(note: couples will be charged as $ x # person)
(note #2: un-watermarked images will be ALOT LARGER than previews biggrin )

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Magnetic Gekko

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~~your fish is ready for pick up~~

☆ 【resara】 ☆

☆ 【PuNk3tT】 ☆

~ freebi's given ~
[x] [x] [x]

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Magnetic Gekko

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white//- gray - //black

☆☆ white ☆☆
(because you're awesome)

☆★ gray ★☆

★★ black ★★

heart heart
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this is ACTUALLY how our name came to be... but this situation didn't really happen completely as drawn... but it 100% could have...
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Magnetic Gekko

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lol at comic
OMG thats exactly what we said that night... lolol
but im not THAT scary when people wake me up... >.<
i just... like sleeping..? 
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Magnetic Gekko

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~~quote this for quick reply~~
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Magnetic Gekko


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