Hi everyone,

We would like to remind everyone of proper procedure when engaging in art commissions.

Never, ever complete an art payment trade in advance. Asking for payment in advance is a tactic used by scammers who take gold and then do not deliver art, and as such anyone who requests payment in advance should be examined carefully to determine if they seem to be reputable.

Instead, start a trade, but do not confirm it until the artist has shown you a full size, watermarked copy of the art. By doing this, both you and the artist are protected; you cannot steal the art and cancel the trade, and they cannot take your gold and never deliver the art.

For a reminder on the proper way to engage in art commissions, please see the Art Shops & Requests Guidelines.

Please remember that while we do our best to provide assistance, we expect members to act responsibly and follow our guidelines, and cannot guarantee that we are able to provide assistance in cases were these guidelines are not followed.

Thank you!
Gaia Online Staff