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        ★ τιps!

        Hello! This is a grab bag shop, which means that for 25g, you could get anything - from a headshot or a sketch to a fully cell shaded piece or a digital painting - in either a digital or traditional medium. I am only accepting OC requests, however, so no avatars, please!

        How this will work:
          Go to this thread to post your request.
          Come back here to let me know you're around.
          I choose who I'd like to draw.
          I quote you in this thread with your art.
          You tip the first post (this one, duh).

        Because this is a 25g shop, requests are evaluated 100% on how much I like and am inspired by your OC or OCs. You can post as many as you'd like, but indicating which you'd like art of most is appreciated. Full details on what information I need are in the requests thread.

        Uh, I guess that's it. I love people who hang out and keep the thread going, and I'll occasionally livestream when I'm drawing.

        COME AT ME, BROS. (broitas?)

        Aaaand we're open!

        Art done thus far:

Kait Yslanaa's avatar

Victor Bernard's Husband

Handsome Husband

Madame Crane's avatar

Fashionable Lunatic

rococobro's avatar

Wheezing Sweetheart

processing data . . .
you don't accept avvies
/all my tears ;u;
j/k brb lookin for an oc you might like

        Kait! I thought you guys left for good? ; v;

        Crane: Please read the first post, requests go in another thread.

        rococobro: If someone requests OCs but also expresses an interest in avatar art, I may end up doing their avatar if it inspires me more than their OC. However, yes, this is first and foremost an OC thread.

itan ru's avatar

Wealthy Man-Lover

                      this thread has me actually developing a story / background for my oc.
                      thank you. ; o;
Kait Yslanaa's avatar

Victor Bernard's Husband

Handsome Husband

Can't really bring myself to just yet I guess.
Hello c:
sorry for the lack of info on my request.. he's a fairly new oc 8 u 8 <3
must sleep now.. ill be back tomorrow!
have a great day!

        I've gotta duck out and get some sleep here, but I'll be back. Keep postin'! c:

        itan: Haha, you're welcome. ; v;

        Kait: Well, you're always welcome in my threads. c:

rococobro's avatar

Wheezing Sweetheart

processing data . . .
I posted my request in the other thread.
hope I did that right. emotion_sweatdrop
no worries, abe probably suits your style better anyhow!
Chisari's avatar

Newbie Noob

I posted whee thanks for considering!
immabeabee's avatar

Blessed Prophet

I posted. c:

And I would like to say I'm really craving some lime chicken. = n=
rococobro's avatar

Wheezing Sweetheart

processing data . . .
rococobro's avatar

Wheezing Sweetheart

processing data . . .
oh man bedtime.

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