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Lavish Ladykiller

What kind of skin tone does he have, just so I know? *almost done*
Oh um use Jaspers skin tone for it. that works just fine
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Lavish Ladykiller

Omg thats perfect. Thank you ::huggles:: lucky for you that you do not do body shots. the wings would be hard.
I want a headshot!

picture reference//User Image
anything else?//Could you add the little bracket thing? ({) I want to use it for posts.

Sending the trade right now!
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Lavish Ladykiller

Okay, hun~ I'll get on that. n_n

Jasper: When I do my "real" art, I tend to only do full body shots. ^_~ I'm so glad you like it though. *o* <33
my Abby! ninja
your arts wonderful. still think his wings would be a pain. butterfly wings in the same colour as his hair that drip glitter. i don't know. like i said i can't draw.
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Lavish Ladykiller

Thanks so much. n_n <3
That would probably be a pain, you're right, but I have done butterfly wings before. :3
thats why i said it's hard to get anyone to do him. Pity i love him so much lol. It drives me nuts that i have no art ability i have so many images in my mind.
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Shirtless Genius

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Lavish Ladykiller

I'd be willing to give it a try sometime~ So long as his clothes aren't really hard. xD
Mid drift top likely with something cute on it like a kitty or a heart Or a silk shirt. If it where a mid dtift top he would have sweats on or low rideing leather. if it's silk it would be leather. sweatdrop He loves cute things
Candycane Scartissue's avatar

Lavish Ladykiller

That doesn't sound too bad at all! n.n I like the midrift top with a heart on it with low sweat pants. <3 Cuuuute!
Yeah he is in that most of the time anyways. He is my hyper active pixie. whee
I wouldn't say no if you ever wanted to try it. just tell me how much you want for it and it's yours.

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