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This thread has no name. LOL

Currently not accepting requests...but if you post at least once every day or two to help me keep my thread alive, I might choose you when I'm accepting again ^^

I'm bored and feeling kinda ecchi. So here's the deal: bras and panties. That's right. Dress up your avi in her cutest bra and panties and I might draw you a free avi art. It doesn't have to be JUST bras and panties, but bras and/or panties must be visible. Swimsuits are also acceptable. Also, this isn't a race. It's not a "first come, first serve" type of thing. I'm just choosing the avis that I like. And you'll more likely be chosen if you post in my thread at least once a day to help keep it alive. You can bump, strike up a conversation, or even role play if you want. So, take your time, get creative, and have fun!

Read the next post down for the FAQ.

Q: Will you draw my OC?
A: No. I'm only drawing avatars.

Q: Will you draw my male avatar?
A: No. I'm only drawing female avatars. I'm not into drawing men in panties. >.<

Q: I have a male avatar, but can I just hang out in the thread?
A: Of course. I don't mind if you hang out here. I can't really stop you from posting here anyways. xD

Q: Will you let me know if you choose to draw my avatar?
A: Unfortunately, no. If you are chosen, it will be in secret. I have a big problem with procrastination and demotivation. I don't want to let you know that I'm going to draw you because then I make a commitment. And I notice from past events that I don't always keep my commitments. sweatdrop And then I feel really bad. sad

Q: How can I increase the possibility of getting my avi drawn?
A: Don't post once and then bail. Stay and continue posting. Don't clutter up your avatar. Make it simple, cute, and somewhat sexy. Here's a tip: I love hair accessories. ninja

Q: Will you accept an avatar I made on TekTek or some other off-site avatar creator?
A: Yes. Provided, you follow my rules. Rules are located on the first page, third post down.

Q: Will you draw my avatar in underwear that I own in real life or underwear that I found somewhere online?
A: Yes. I will need a picture of the underwear for reference though. I suggest you provide a link to the image, rather than the image itself.

If you have any other questions not listed here, just post them in the thread and I'll get around to it.

Read the next post down for the rules.

• Don't PM me asking for art. Your PM will be ignored and your chances at getting a freebie will be lessened.

• No cussing. Keep the language mild. I don't want any F-bombs or anything like that.

• If you make requests, adhere to my "will dos" and "won't dos". They are located on the first page, fourth post down.

• Be courteous to others. Don't fight, argue, or insult anyone, unless it's meant to be playful.

• If you want me to draw your avi, you must post an image or a link to an image of your avatar or even a tektek avatar(these are really helpful, because they show me everything that's equipped). I'm no longer going to draw your avatars as they are equipped. It became confusing, because people keep changing their avatars.

• I don't charge anything for my art. That's why it's called FREE avi art. xD But I do ask that you make an effort to post at least once a day to keep my thread alive. You can bump if you want.

Read the next post down for the will dos/won'tdos.
Will Do/Won't Do

Will Do
• Female avatars
• Tasteful nudity
• Weapons...depending what it is
• I'll draw a lot of things, or at least attempt to draw

Won't Do
• Male avatars
• OCs (Original Characters)
• Wings
• Hentai/overly sexual nudity
• Gore
• Muscular bodies
• Animals
• Animal body parts (no centaurs, satyrs, etc.)

Read the next post down for extra info.
Extra Info

• I'm a guy in real life. I like big breasts. Unless you specify otherwise, your avatar will probably be drawn with big breasts. xD

• If you want to change what your avatar will look like in your avi art, make a new post and let me know. If I decide to draw you, I will use your most recent avatar that you posted. If I started drawing you already and you want to change your avatar, I'm not gonna redraw your new avatar. Your avi art will be of your avatar before you changed it.

• Avatars that I like will be chosen at random. If you posted on the first page for example, and I draw someone who posted on the fifth page, don't think you missed your chance. I may draw you later.
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K o j o

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alright give me a bit to be creative with this?
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Genderbend of my OC? c: You can put her in whatever, I don't mind~ I have no references or any other art ;_;
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User Image

try and make this sexy,
I DARE YOU redface
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give this cutie a try? c:
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;awifjrfgisk. and just so you know, she's flat chested. ; v; but i guess she'd be one of those cute flat girls you'd see in those ecchi mangas. LOL.
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Free art (Possibly)? Count me in; Art's become an addiction.
Findin' samples was a little more difficult than I thought it'd be. There's probably an easy way to find it, but it doesn't matter now - Saw your D.Art page!
So uh... Here's my bit. If it's good enough, rock on. If not, oh well.
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How about this? = 3 EDIT- here's a link instead. Cause if I don't wear my heart frame, my husband feels some type of way
Wow...I got some potential choices already...to think that I put this thread together during my breaktime at work xD ...Gaiaonthego is pretty freaking awesome

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