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survey says...?

arch you lazy a*****e go out in the rain and conduct your survey there. 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 8 ]
+1 0.66666666666667 66.7% [ 16 ]
Total Votes:[ 24 ]
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Questionable Lunatic

mmmm it's fine! probably will do it in a different style though for less time-consuming efforts.
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Tipsy Gawker

mmmm it's fine! probably will do it in a different style though for less time-consuming efforts.

i understand~
ill post a pic
User Image

if its just a head/ shoulder shot maybe just them kissing?
hehe cute survery. finishing it up in one sec (my mom is talking to me so I can't type the last answer h/o grsdhjtdhnjs)
prehaps a chibi of anyone here? Thank you so much.
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Questionable Lunatic

dinner time, gonna finish up some homework and continue working on some more.... a lot more orz
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Invisible Friend

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hellooo, i filled out your survey. made me contemplate a bit.

if possible i would appreciate a trad/sketchy drawing. thanks and gl with your project!
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Invisible Regular

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Did the survey cause I could 8D
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Questionable Lunatic

ty for all the responses! > u<
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Dapper Raider

I completed the survey.

[Anyone here] or [Elliot], please?
Filled it out, but give my slot to someone else! ;3
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I finished the survey and well, it's kind of hard for me to answer those because it's just too hard to put in it words >.<

Can you do a mono chibi of my current avi (tektek)
Took the survey! biggrin
I need a pic for my OC, can you help?
You'll have a lot of artistic freedom <3
not a chibi, pls/

weight:110 ( a little too skinny )
Hair: ash blonde
Eyes: dark green
dressy, intricate jackets, cute short dresses.
skirts, jackets with furry hoods,
leggings, booties, hair accessories,
generally fashionable, and sometimes
she has too much skin showing.
Favorite colors: purple, magenta, electric blue, and black,
Personality: sarcastic, smarty-pants, tough-but sweet, and sassy, but in a more cute way.
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Tipsy Fatcat

I took your survey~ I put a ._.; face at the end of the last question, in case you wanted to check c:

If you could, could I please have a sketchy waist drawing of my current avatar? Thanks, and gl with your survey! c:

Edit: a chibi would be equally great, whichever you feel like drawing ^.^
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Tiny Lunatic

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I took it. It was a sweet survey and I really liked to answer the questions smile . I would like the mono/sketchy chibi. I'm not changing my avatar anytime soon and if you need a picture of it I'll post it. Did you create this survey by the way?
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Questionable Lunatic

yup, for a project lol

ty for all the responses! will try and get to everyone's tonight... hopefully.

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