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Welcome to my request thread!

I've just made a return to Gaia. I used to have a request thread here, maybe you've seen me.

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The request:

I have some outfits saved that I'd love to be drawn, but I currently just want one drawn.
If you are interested in my other avatars, let me know!

I enjoy pretty much every art style, but I'll most-likely approve of coloured art more than just lineart.
I think it's obvious why - but feel free to convince me of whatever you can offer!

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This avatar is somewhat based on Daniel from Amnesia: The Dark Descent (game).
It would be great if it'd fit in a horror-ish genre if you do backgrounds too.
The clothing may be based on a game character, but he is not that game character. See it as my avatar cosplaying him.
Age: Between 30 and 40 years old.


But you can also draw him in these clothes, as they are about the same:

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I often ask people to draw him either frightened or courageous.
The lantern is important, because he fears darkness.

Also if you like blood and stuff, discuss that with me, as he IS cosplaying a horror game character.

I also do a non-Gaia related request. I play an online game called Lord of the Rings Online, it'd be great if you can draw my game character there, but for those you'll have to click some links. Also her hair is blonde.
Outfit 1: dress
Outfit 2: battle outfit
Outfit 3: special occasions dress

Background info about my LOTRO character:

She's a hobbit named Mirika Barefoot. Obviously her surname comes from the fact she always wanders on bare feet. Her origins come from the Boffin family, which means she's great friends with the Tooks and the Bagginses, but in Mirika's case she hung out with Bilbo and Frodo most, as she was in love with the stories Bilbo told her about his adventures.

Bilbo's stories triggered Mirika also into becoming an adventurer. She wants to protect Middle-Earth and decided to take the job as a guardian, someone who walks up front (though not a leader). She's seen most of Middle-Earth during her travels by now and met many others during on the way, but never has she been satisfied with her actions yet. Until this 'Sauron' is gone, she'll keep wandering.

Weapon of choice: Spear.
She sounds very warrior-like, but she also spends a lot of time hanging around with those who are dear to her. She even tends to return to certain places just to make sure her friends are okay.

It is okay to ask more for my LOTRO characters, as they are not Gaia related.
Also feel free to ask me for more references!

Another request could be to draw the irl me in more flattering ways, but that'd have to be discussed in PM, as I prefer not to make my photos public here.

If you make really great art, I may ask for your approval to make a keychain out of it.
Do not worry, I would never do such without approval.
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Virtuous Explorer


1. Please stick around if you will do an art. I want to be sure that you are not forgetting me. You don't have to stay and chat, but a message every two/three days would make me feel better. I hope you understand that.
2. If you redirect me to an art shop, I expect you to have a spot free for me. I would not know why else you redirected me there.
3. Please show me an example of your art and a price.
4. Most obvious: Follow the ToS
5. Please PM me if you would like me to advertise your shop, but don't post it here.
6. Please don't quote any of the first posts.
7. Good grammar would be appreciated, but if you can't help it, you're fine. I can understand not everyone's English is great, I make tons of mistakes as well.
8. No NSFW content. No nudity. Sexy is alright, but there are limits. I'm asexual, so I do not have the slightest interest in this.

Perhaps besides rules, here's some things I like.
I like the colours red, black and blue most. You can come at me with all your art styles, though I tend to be pickier with anime. Oh, I also like medieval stuff like swords and weaponry, but I also love roses and elegant things!

You can also stay and chat if you don't make art, I love to conversate!


Alright, I am pretty wealthy right now (though not wealthy enough to buy art for 1mil per piece), so it'd really depend on how good your art is.
In my previous art thread I said I wouldn't go over 80k, but if I notice great talent, I can even go up to 500k (and more if your art style suits my taste). Please be realistic with your prices though, no one likes buying overpriced art. Prove in an art thread your art is worth that much if it's that high.
Friendliness often causes me to give tips, too. Such a small effort.

This is how I'll pay:
1. I send a trade with the money in it.
2. You start on it when you have time (please do tell me if you are busy or not, it helps).
3. Once you are done, you accept the trade - please prove your effort by showing me a sketch or something with a (heavy) watermark.
4. I finish the trade.
5. You send me the art without watermark.

I think that is the best way of doing it, right? I do think so. I hope so.

Art trade:

Alright, I've never tried drawing Gaia avatars yet besides an over-rushed one here of myself, but I can make portraits of the real-life you as well.
Here's my DeviantArt.

I am also trying out a new style which you can see here
Also a quicker version.

If you do want me to try out your avatar, I beg you not to have a cluttered avi.

Also keep in mind I am in my final year in college, so I cannot guarantee quick art.
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Virtuous Explorer

Mirika Barefoot's avatar

Virtuous Explorer

Other art threads:

Please ask me via PM to have me put your art shop here. I'd love to put your art shops here, as I appreciate other people their art terribly much.

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Virtuous Explorer

Mirika Barefoot's avatar

Virtuous Explorer

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