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♥-I'm NOT trying to hate on ANYONE.
♥-This is solely my OPINION. Everyone is entitled to one.
♥-I do admit to posting this style twice for fun. Yeah. Developed my own style since. LINK. I added my own "flare" to it, though.
♥-Let's try to keep this thread free of unnecessary hate, okay? Thanks!

Hey. Hello. Hi. Howdy. What's goin' on? :> Let's be friendly in this thread. Or I will cry.
M'kayy. I'ma try not to beat around the bush here. Because I do that often. Yeah. I just don't want to come off as mean. Because I love everyone. Yeah.
There has been something going around here on the interweb's art sites that has been kinda erkin' me lately.
I go through gallery after gallery, art shop after art shop, and the one thing I'm seeing a lot is the "adventure time" style. I DO understand gaining inspiration from a show/artist or whatever, but there is a difference between inspiration and flat out copying. Now, most people I do see admit to using the AT art style, and I give them credit for that. But when I see an ENTIRE gallery drawn in just that style, it kinda grinds my gears a little. I think that the artist would gain a lot more if they tried to find their own style, or AT LEAST add their own "flare" to the images. And I don't know about you, but it's getting really boring to see. "Oh great, another artist that's EXACTLY like the last one." And don't even get me started on people copying it but in terribly bad quality.

AJSafucseildb. Idek. I'd just like to see if anyone else noticed it, and their opinions on it.
Thanks for reading, I can't wait to read the replies!
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Not reading stickies grinds mah gears.

But, in all seriousness, its supply and demand. Adventure time is getting attention on the site + fans of the show want art = profit.

If they aren't planning on making a career out of it, let them draw what they want. Not hurting anyone but themselves of they don't want to branch out.
I admit, the one piece I drew of Adventure Time stylized art was heavily referenced and I thought it would be cute to see how it would come out (it was avatar art of my old outfit).
However, I understand your complaint that people may just be jumping on the bandwagon and not finding an art style they are comfortable with but just something that sells.
When people don't read the rules,it grinds my gearz.

Just let them do,of they don't care ******** it,ignore it.
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Adventure Time-style is a fad and it'll pass. Just like everything else. I still prefer seeing that style pop up everywhere compared to, I dunno, shoujo anime sparkles.
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I must admit, I too have partaken in the AT styles, but only because my friends requested it. It's mainly supply and demand from fans. BUT it does get really annoying when people use it as their only style without a little change from the shows style because then they are just copying a cartoon which shows no artistic sence at all.

Yet I say to each his own; they will never get really noticed with the AT style, so that is their choice.
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-shrug- I don't really care.
Some people will just do what sells, no matter what the field. I mean, most chibis and anthro art looks the same style to me, but all of these artists each have people lining up to commission them.
I haven't researched it thoroughly, but whenever I've seen it "Advenure Time Style" is basically just Marceline with different colors/accessories. The show has some neat design aesthetics that are getting overlooked in favor of "Ohh wiggly arms yay". It's kind of disappointing.
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Remember Flapjack?

This is the new flapjack, and it too will pass.
It's popular, so developing, impressionable, or calculating artists imitate it. One day, it won't be as popular, and people won't imitate it as much.

The same thing happened, and continues to happen, with Jhonen Vasquez, The Lion King, Homestuck, and most popular animes and mangas. The styles are appealing, garner positive responses, and are usually quite easy to draw. It's not rocket surgery.

There will always artists who will be comfortable with imitating other artists for the rest of their lives, and never feel the need to develop a unique voice. And there will always be an audience for these artists, people who search for and encourage fannish output over original material.

That audience, and the artists they follow, are not worth envying, being annoyed with, or even acknowledging. Let them have what they want. It's not worth much.

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