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Love love love the new version! Johnny Depp is the perfect Mad Hatter! Plus I loved hom Tim Burton added a bit more to the story.
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I don't particularly like Depp's Mad Hatter, since I haven't been fond of any of his roles other than Jack Sparrow. But I don't hate the Hatter so much as the fact that Burton made a relatively minor character in the book the focus of the movie, rather than the character it SHOULD have been focused around (Alice).
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Aednat Sin
I love all versions of Alice and Wonderland. I love how some artist twists it. Have you ever seen the Syfy version of it, it's simply called Alice?

I absolutely loved the Syfy Alice!!! I've tried to find it so I an buy it, but no luck. sad
Honestly, it wasn't fantastic, but I just loved seeing Connor Temple, Chief O'Brien and that psycho b***h from Misery as the Mad Hatter, and the King and Queen of Hearts respectively.
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I prefer the Johnny Depp one.
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I like the old disney one with the cartoons, as well as several other verisons of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

Though with the new one, I'd say Johnny Depp did an awesome job at being the mad hatter, but personally, I don't like the storyline of the new movie and I don't like the changes made.
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I love Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter! He brings a different level of comedy and drama to the character.
i love the disney one with johnny depp, i just love him so much!
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i liked him
i like this one better than the old one i love the mad hatter no one could play it better than himn heart
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Johnny Depp as the mad hater who ever got him to play him was a spark of geniuses johhnny deep brings him to life perfectly just oppslotley love him xd biggrin and love the move
he was a really good hatter. it was awesome with him.
It was an interesting part for J Depp, he has had better roles, but nonetheless, he is who he is, and i believe any role he takes he can pull off smile But as mad hatter, he did WONDERFULLY!
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I loved Johnny Depp's rendition of the Hatter! He gave the character dimension and depth to a character that has other gone flat with the stereotype of being crazy. Depp's portrayal was genius. I saw a multifaceted Hatter that I never thought I would see.
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I think Depp's Hatter was lazy. I felt like I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. He's a great actor, but I feel like all his querky characters are the same. He's so much better than this Jack Sparrow/ Willy Wonka/ Mad Hatter business- look at Donnie Brasko, The Ninth Gate, Dead Man, Don Juan DeMarco. He's much better off in a more serious role.

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