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yum_tea Tis' strange indeed. The first time I saw flame princess, I gushed over her. I still do, she's a lovely little lady indeed. yum_tea

cat_evil To all the haters out there: Look, hate flamne princess all you want, I don't care, but at least have some sort of reasoning behind it. Just ebcause its America, doesn't mean you are entitled to not make sense of what you hate and what you don't

gaia_crown That said, its a carton character, why the uber hostility? Its ridiculous at best however, many would say the liek of teh same said character would be ridiculous, again, all has to do with the notion of teh person at hand.

emotion_kirakira I ADORE flame princess!!! Since she showed up in AT, I have been drawing her in all of her glory. She's a sweetheart, just like Finn and its about time he has a crush his own age and is happy instead of wishing he could crush on PB and tell her how he feels. They're so cute together and just because Flame King says his daughter's evil, doesn't make it so. Yes, she's a unstoppable force of fiery power, but hey, Motehr nature is an unstoppable force as well, is she considered evil?

yum_cupcake Love her, hate her, it matters not because there's enough Flame princess love from me to keep her burning red hot for all eternity!!! yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi
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People hate Flame Princess?? I think people who hate Flame Princess maybe just can't give up on PB or something. Flame Princess is adorable.
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Other thing that i don't like is why people start a war with PB?? Flaame princess and Princess bublegum are awesome in their aown ways confused
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Hate her? She seems adorable.

I know she is adorable crying
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Dunno who you've been around, but FP is the s**t.
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I don't hate her i just think that Finn deserves a nice sweet girl who won't throw anger tantrums and burn his face off if he makes a mistake.
Please don't kill me Flame fans... emotion_yatta
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Some people hate her, and Some people love her . Just move on and get over with it rolleyes
Well, she's like the flames.
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I've seen more "like flame princess" people then "hate flame princess" people. confused
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She's hot.
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I'm in that middle ground where I don't really like her or hate her in particular. She's just kind of...there. She doesn't do much. She has only two default phases and that's being angry/"passionate" or kawaii desu but out side of that she hasn't shown much personality. Granted, she hasn't been in many episodes.

While I don't care for shipping in particular I can see how her relationship with Finn can cause some whiplash because it happened it was such a whirlwind manner. It was literally love at first sight and Finn and FP hooked up really quick before anybody really had a chance to warm up to her as a character so she comes off as a plot device that exists just to give Finn a girlfriend. It's not like a case as with Finn and PB for instance where they spent a long time developing PB's character and teasing her relationship with Finn before they make it clear that it's something that wouldn't work. FP's introduction was jarring for a lot of people.

Also, as someone said I don't see much hate for her. I see a ton more pro FB/FBxFinn fans than anything.
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Why does this remind me of Everybody Hates Chris?
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Moose Plushie
She's hot.

Ohh I get it, I think.
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I really didn't like her in her first episodes cuz she made Finn all bumbling and love-struck and mean to PB. That's not how Finn should be.
It's Adventure Time, not Dramatic Romance Time.
Seems to me most people like her emotion_dealwithit

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