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Being productive when you're bored is a bad thing?
Being an obsessive fangirl when I'm bored is a bad thing. XP

I'm currently trying to draw some fan art of him, but YU's are pretty much chibis, so I'm having difficulty translating it into my art style. And I'm trying to draw an action scene, since I'm sick of drawing the same bloody pose all the time. I'm not good at action scenes.
Being productive when you're bored is a bad thing?
This is what happens when I'm bored and no one's around for me to talk to:

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What the HELL?! How do I keep losing when I have EVERY advantage!
Slix Zero
They all must of vanished.
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They all must of vanished.
I love Milanor. ^_^ He's a thief, so he doesn't really have any loyalties, his title is 'The Silver Wolf', and his signature move's ('Steal') incantation is 'The shadow of the wind snatches all, even the treasure of the gods." heart

...Okay, where'd EVERYONE go?
There were six enemy units left... I just killed four of them... When they attacked ME. Two were Assassins! About time I beat the odds! Haha!

...Where'd Bat go?
Er... throw it away and wash out the pot?
I would, but part of me wants to know just how far they're willing to let it go. I mean, honestly...
Night, De. smile
Im going to bed now, night everyone.
*hugs Wolf and pets Komi*
Er... throw it away and wash out the pot?
...There's a corncob, sitting in a quarter inch of water, in a pot, on the stove. It's been there for three days. Does anyone wonder why I don't eat?
*gives Wolf a cookie*
yeah for spriting.
Mistress BatNeko
Fenrir Wolfe
I just have one question... Didn't you say that Chad wasn't going to be in WHN, so you weren't going to label any of the comics with him in it 'WHN'?
The sequel's going to have a different name, but I don't want to announce what it is before I start it. Until then, all comics that happen with my weird takes on the characters will be labelled WHN.

And it's Shad.

@ Thanks Komi. ^^
Oh, okay.

And that was just a spelling mistake. S and C are pretty close to each other on a keyboard.

Woo! I've got fourteen sprites done!

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