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Hello everyone!!

hi ^_^
Nice, but what is so big about posting stuff??????????? oh and why is it call a ball???????????? confused
what is the point of this?
Hello everybody.
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Good afternoon everyone.

it's night here, good afternoon/night
hi everyone
Diwata ng Buwan
::sneezes because of the pollen::
Bless you.

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I Am Mentis
cheetos are yummy
This is my first time at a gaian ball. Looks really fun.

same here biggrin
@chobitslover good to see a chobits fan around.

i love chobits 4laugh
dont know smile
how is everyone?
Psst.. Could someone please tell me what to wear? I'm out of my shell for event but all what I could think was my current avi, could someone help? >__<;

First get out of the shell, wear what ever you believe looks good in your inventory.
edit: it looks nice

Does it look nice now? =]

-nods- very festive for the room

we get any items for he ball?

I don't believe we do, unless you participate in one of the contests. Its user made so the admins didn't have much to do with it except giving it a sub-forum.
Thanks! <3
Enters slow Hello all , my first time here. Glad to see some of the original outfit that you all are adorn in.
I Am Mentis
eurgh! I'm finding it hard to keep up
You can stand under...


*holds on to skirts*

....my umbrella, ella, ella...
Well, hello everyone. What will we be having on the menu today? Who will be performing? Or is this one of those... well... budget of three dollars of less type of events... like the ones I usually hold.
I Am Mentis
eurgh! I'm finding it hard to keep up

DX join the club.

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