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This was always my favorite type of thread so I decided to make one myself! biggrin


exclaim Rules: Quite simply you draw the avatar that appears above you.
3nodding You can either participate by drawing or just post to get a picture of your avatar.
mrgreen All types of art are allowed!
confused Please do not beg for pictures.
talk2hand Please do not ridicule drawings.
neutral Please do not ridicule yourself or your own talents.
rofl This is a thread for fun so feel free to have some!


If you are new to GaiaOnline.com, the internet, or to the world of art welcome! Here are a few tips on what you will need:

exclaim To put pictures on GaiaOnline you need an image host such as photobucket.com. It is free to sign up. Here are some other sites.

exclaim On making art: you can draw with paper, pencil, pen,markers, crayons and scan images. You can doodle with your mouse on a free paint program such as MS Paint for windows, or you could download a free paint program such as Gimp. You could even use an Oekaki Board for their paint program.

Please understand that these are just a few ways to make art. You can express yourself anyway you like. 3nodding

Note: As I am the creator I will draw the first person to post. whee
Double Note: sweatdrop The first poster does not have to draw me.
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Sounds fun
Sounds fun
Just posting to say I am drawing you. It may take a minute or so. sweatdrop
User Image

This is just an outline preview. I have to start dinner, but I will color and finish it up when I am done. 3nodding
Bang Bang Baby, Vega's Here!

Sin Like You Mean It!
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User Image I know you said I didn't have to but I tried to draw your character. Hope you like it sorry that photobucket killed it a bit.
Van0Joy: 4laugh Wow! Thank you so much!

Here is your picture!

User Image

Sorry it took so long. sweatdrop
Bang Bang Baby, Vega's Here!

Sin Like You Mean It!
Even though you weren't above me I drew you anyway. wink

User Image

Photobucket totally killed the quality though. So if you would like I could email the original to you. sweatdrop Just PM me.
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Sounds nifty, I'll do my best. ^ ^

Edit: Alright, maybe I'm crazy, or I scrolled on accident, but I could have sworn that Lizabeth Storm posted above me. x:
User Image
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Sure, I'll try this later o 3 o
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ill definitly do this<3 just...need sleep naoXD
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can i just post plain drawing? sweatdrop (i realise i'm only good at this, yet i'm still posting)
User Image
can i just post plain drawing? sweatdrop
Of course! All art is accepted. biggrin
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your avi is so detailed that i just did a simple chibi sweatdrop
the next one I do will probably be better
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