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Hiya I'm YoTsunade, but people call me Yostu, Yochi, Yo! or my real nickname Shay. I love anime and writing fanfiction.

I act just like Yolie from Digimon and Tsunade from Naruto. That is where my cosplay name came from.

I wish i could draw but sadly I can't. -_____-

I love manga, movies, tv shows and almost all kind of music.

I love meeting new people and talking and making new friends.

I love to have a good time and to party and DRINKING!!.

I'm just a fun loving person ^__^ when i'm in a good mood!

I have been told that I can be pretty bossy, mean, nasty, moody. Yes I sometimes agree with three of those emotions.

But I am also funny, happy-go-luckie, dizty (sometimes), crazy, loud, and loves to laugh ALOT!

Food:: Chow mein and Fried rice
Drink:: Rootbeer
Time of Day:: Around 3 or 4
Season:: summer and winter
Day of the Week:: Fridays and Saturdays
Color:: Purple and Black and Silver
Pet:: A dog named Skye
Friends on Gaia:: Yari, Angel, Bunnie, Crusher, Lil ZuZu, Tal Anduril, Amullet, Saiyu, and i know i'm missing a couple more ppl
Feeling: love <3

I Get excited when i get private messages or comments ._.
I Love to eat cookies
I Love drinking
I Bossing ppl around. Like Crusher and Lil Zu Zu
I Love money
I Love shopping
I Love going places
I Like pandas and foxes
My Favorite colors are Purple, Black, and Silver
I Like hello kitty
I Have ditched school plenty of times to go to a party
I Like the holiday halloween
I Like to yell in my house when im home alone
I Love to joke around with my friends all the time
I Like to shop at torrid and sanrio stores
I Dont like it when people stare at me D:
I Love vans shoes
I Like valentines day <3
I Love my cellpnone and always want a new one XD
I Love music o.o
I Have long hair despite my ethnicity
I Love to read manga and watch anime XD
I Love to collect manga and anime
I Like to sing really loud (eventho I can’t sing…)
I Love rootbeer
I Love candy ._. (who doesnt?)


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User Image <----that is my halloween costume.

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Malyari Report | 01/01/2015 3:16 am
Yooooochiiiii! Happy New Year! I don't even know if you sign in anymore, but I just wanted to say hey!

We should chat or something sometime. I miss you! ;n;
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 4:15 am
Haha, I like how it's a for sure thing that Crushie will be online at the time. xD

Night Yochi! ;3
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 4:04 am
Ah, cool. November's coming up pretty soon! surprised oo Oh, Mexico is soo close. I don't see why they couldn't make a little detour towards SoCal for a little bit. xD

Oh, hey, writing down your ideas and stuff is a pretty good start. ;3 Dreams are pretty good places for ideas too! I feel like I get the most creative ideas when I am either just about to go to sleep or just
waking up. I dunno why. xDD Usually, though, I'm too tired to write it down. xD

Hey, I think I'm gonna sign off pretty soon. It's getting pretty late. lol I might come online tomorrow though so maybe could meet up again if you'll be online. ;3
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 3:25 am
Aah, nothing new for me. I might try to go back to school next semester. But you know...money and stuff. ;p Haha, Angel is still in school. Oh! She's actually working on her video game assignment right now. It's pretty cool. ;3

What about you? What's new? ;o

Yessss, write. Wriiiiiite. xD Haha, does that motivate you? xDDD
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 2:29 am
Oh, no problem. wink My internet keeps going in and out so I know I take a long to respond too. ;3 Aw, poor puppy. TnT My dog just died last year and it was really hard when he was getting sick. The night before he died, me and Angel spent the whole night down stairs so we could watch him.

Ah, I'm sorry to hear you had it so tough back then. ;( People can be jerks. Yeah, I wouldn't say I was bullied so much as antagonized. It was more in elementary school. Girls would make fun of me behind
my back and then pretend to be my friend when the teacher was around. They would always point out everything I did to the point where I just didn't want to be noticed by anyone. So, in middle school and
high school I became really self-conscious and I just tried to keep my head down and not get any attention. It doesn't really help that I'm really shy anyway. So yeah, I can kind of get what you're saying. You do what it takes to survive. wink

OMG! Free! I've only seen one episode so far. I really like Makoto. ;3
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 1:48 am
No, I don't think I've seen that episode before. I'll try to check it out. ;3

;OOOOO Omg, I want to see that episode!! What the heck!? I wish I could go punch that guy in the face right now! D< Lol, but that makes me like Younja so much more now. She is so cool. The other hosts
are always teasing her, but she is always so good-natured about it. Oooh, one that got me all sad was the one where the girl was being bullied. Um...I think F(x) was on it? Anyway, she was basically saying
that this one kid was always calling her ugly. Then he told a popular girl that he looked like the bullied girl and the popular girl was all pissed off and upset. Haha, it doesn't really compare on the rage
scale to the one you said, but I got really mad. I'm pretty sensitive to bullying stories though because I don't think people give it enough attention. ;p

Haha, I just recently started getting more into anime again. Have you seen Attack on TItan? It's pretty awesome!!!!
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 1:18 am
Yeah! That would be so so cool. I think that it's so so awesome how Korean pop stars pay homage to the past like that! Plus I love a good cover song! xDD Oh! Have
you heard that Glen Check cover of GD and T.O.P. 's song Jibe Kajima? I had that on repeat for so long when I first heard it!

Hahah, I agree! It's like...I really don't feel sorry for you, girl! DD< The ones that really make me mad though are like when the brother or the dad of a girl are really controlling.
Like they tell her how she should dress and how she should talk and who she can or cannot hang out with. I'm like..."YOU DON'T OWN HER! SHE IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY

UUuuuugh YEAH. This is so true!! I feel like people are really becoming interested in other cultures so the Kpop industry really has a chance to branch out and make new
fans. I think Japanese stuff is even worse, though. I used to really like Arashi, but since their company doesn't allow any of their videos on youtube, I can't watch anything
and my interest has kind of faded. You just lose fans if you can't make the videos and music accessible. ;p
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 12:52 am
Ah, I see. Yeah...I probably just need to get a brand new laptop in my case. xDD

That sounds really cool! That would be pretty cool to see some Western pop stars doing the same. Korea seriously has some cool variety shows. Recently, I've been
watching some episodes of Hello Counselor on youtube. Sometimes I rage though when I hear the problems of some of the guests. xDDD
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 12:42 am
Haha, I am pretty good!

xD Haha, I know the feeling. My laptop is pretty much broken right now and so I have to use the family computer. ;p

What dramas are you watching? ;o
Malyari Report | 10/20/2013 12:35 am
YOOOOCHI!!!!! How are you!? TwT So happy to see you! ;3

I thought you were watching Korean dramas? ;o


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