Username: HeavenlySpecial
Plushie you would like: Ruru Kittle Plushie
How long have you wanted this plushie: Ever since it came out, I have always wanted it ,but I never actually had the courage to quest it.
Reason for wanting it: It's a cat. I've always loved cats. I even sleep with a plushie every single night in bed. My family's allergic to cats, but I'm the only one that isn't, so I guess I'm a cat lover and will always be one even if it seems ridiculous holding one every night.

Username: I Like Youur Face
Item you would like: Nitemare headband ; Masquerade 10th gen ; & popfactory.

Username: hot gay gaara
Plushie you would like: coco kitty
How long have you wanted this plushie: forever
Reason for wanting it: i like coco kitty

Username: Reira Serizawa
Item: Golden Fleece
How long have you wanted this: Since I learned it existed. I recent came back to Gaia from a long hiatus and when I saw the Golden Fleece, I knew it had to be mine.
Reason for wanting this: I love mythological-related things, even if it is by name. I even own the crappy item Grace of Aphrodite even though it sucks. XD

Username: RAWR Kittysaurus RAWR
Plushie you would like: Coco Kitty Plushie or Kiki Kitty Plushie
How long have you wanted this plushie: I'd say since around 2008ish.. Ever since I found out they were on gaia, I should say, I love them, they're adorable!(:
Reason for wanting it: I simply adore cats, I volunteer at a cat shelter in my state called "Kitty Harbor" and I think that's when I got my fixation for cats..(:

Username: iNeko Yuki
Plushie you would like: Any kitty ones
How long have you wanted this plushie: Since I created my cosplay
Reason for wanting it: I have an Al cosplay and I thought it would be nice if Al had a lot of kitties to play with

Username: clm640
Item: Starbabies
How long have you wanted this: Ever since I joined Gaia over a year ago. I can't booty grab or play Zomg because of my computer, (Stupid Computer), and I'm working very hard. I'm really tired of selling items I've quested in the past.
Reason for wanting this: I like everything colorful and pink and anything else with pretty colors. When I first joined, I saw this item, loved it, then had my jaw drop when I saw how much it was. Now that I think it's a reasonable price, I wanna buy it.

Username: Graham Norton
Items: north kitten star, steel-plated ninja band, inari beads 12th gen, gogh reed 12th gen (for my avi)
How long have you wanted these: Ever since I started gaia
Reason for wanting this: I really want them for my dream avatar!!! it would be so awesome I'm questing a kakashi avatar!....And after i get all the items I want....I'm gonna have a giveaway for ALL my items....and i will invite everybody here to it lol^^

Username: XxXstrawberry_dropXxX
Plushie you would like: North star kitten
How long have you wanted this plushie: since it came out
Reason for wanting it: i always thought it was cute and went with my condition... wishing opon a star...


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Skelly Weirdo

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Skelly Weirdo

gaia_angelleft Hey baby gaia_angelright

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hey yellow im going to draw u by hand k <3

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hiya! i heard u in forum saying how u were questing and needed gold well i recently made a lotto for 5million gold and i was wondering if you wanted to participate =] im just going around spreading the word, its really simple, heres the link: (http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-aquarium/sing-s-thread-is-open-5-million-lotto-and-contests-galore/t.63415189/), theres also contests in the forum too so i hope you come in and visit! ty for your time!
II Wild Magnolia II

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II Wild Magnolia II

II Wild Magnolia II

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II Wild Magnolia II

I love your background Cupcakes!

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cool avi