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ϟмiriaм 15 taken<3 a Fckin' pяσud мεxicaи ғяeshyy-pяossεяϟ

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hello there! my name is miriam im 15 and taken 122710<3 anywho.... i am fully mexican i am not a philipino even thought they call me that cuz i kinda look philipine lolz oh and im deeply deeply! in love with korean music <333!! and rockk ! but anywhoo i go to prosser career academy currently a fhreshhyy thats where i met some awesum a** people, names laterr well im a very awesum person if u get ta know me, sometimes i will not talk to u unless im hyperr wich is most of the time now idk whyy..... but im not mean im just x-tremely shyy at first i love to read a write i have wriitten as many as 6 stories (wich btw i havent finished lmaoo) but i love writting little quotes and stuff but i guess this shits gettin too long well anyway anything else u wanna know comment!