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So yeah, we're going to just assume that I spent a lot of time spiffying up my "About Me" section. :'D If it wasn't already obvious my name is Saspra... Or at least that's what I'm known as on Gaia. xD My real name is Lilian, but bleh, don't call me that. xP Yeah... My birthday is on December 17th so yeah... You know what to do. ;D

Awesome Peoples List [ No Particular Order ]:
Ryuukishinn - Dude. She's like amazing. You mess with her and you mess with me. D< She's like my non-biological twin! 8D And we're also Stalker Buddies. <3
La pore - She's my hubby. Need I say more? D<
~InfinityTrust~ - We're like rivals, she's a red square and I'm a blue circle. HOWEVER, deep down we love each other. <333 Well that's what I think anyway. xD She matches my personality perfectly! Crazy like me, awesome like me, all that epic jazz. <3
Popo761 - Dude... You were and still are my first friend on Gaia! <333 We met in the RC forum me thinks and instantly bonded! <3
Pineapplelicious - Freaking amazing, guys. Though Piney doesn't get on Gaia anymore she's still gonna be included here. <3 She was the one who always drew me some art references for those convoluted OCs I made. OTL <333 She's awesome, check her out on dA under the same user. 83
iAkihiko - Uh... My other hubby. :'D Don't judge me... > w> Anyway, she's full of epicness! 8D I love talking with her and all that jazz. She's simply amazing. Don't diss my second hubby or you get the boot. D<

OH YEAH. I can't stress this enough, please DON'T friend request me if I've never talked to you before. Ever. If you want to be friends with me don't be afraid to comment me or PM me. I don't bite. ;3 We can talk and after a bit I'd love to be your friend. The only reason why I'd like to know someone before friending them is because I clean my list too often and I usually have to delete those random friend requests anyway. </3


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hey, how are you? long time no speak sweatdrop

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cool avi
x--w a s a b ii--x

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x--w a s a b ii--x

take this test its so awesome its like its in your head!
btw its my bday im so happy i a m now 15 :O

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Love your profile song and your golden avi <3

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Huh? I^^;

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Still lucky ;m; <333

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Wow you got pretty art of your oc ;o;

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hello :3
The Dastardly Llama

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The Dastardly Llama

Thx for buying
Bootch Betch

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Bootch Betch

its alright, a lot of people cant ^^
But I sometimes find at least one person interested out of a day of asking around XD



Forever poor & looking for Ceci art. ;u;b