Lost-chan did this on her proffy, and I thought it was pretty smexy, so Winwin is stealing it >D

~xWinwin's favorite band is AFI, just like Lost-chan <3~
~xWinwin's favorite color is Greeeeeen and Purpleness.
~xWinwin's favorite movie is A.I.
~xWinwin's favorite book is The Cirque Du Freak series.
~xWinwin spends 50% of her time watching movies and hanging out with B-sama.
~x...The other 30% she's at school.
~The other 20% she's being ........... MOLESTEDBYTHATMONSTERBEHINDJ0000000!W|-|47?!
~xMusic = Winwin's life too, but most importantly Lost-chan=Winwin's life.
~xShe would die without music and her beautiful and random Lost-chan~!
~xWinwin has a HUGE fear of losing those close to her </3
~xWinwin says her theme song is "For The Ocean " by Finger Eleven.
~xWinwin is an emo child
~xWinwin also says "Rawr"
~xWinwin is a dinosaur =)
~xWinwin also talks in third person, but is cooler than Lost-chan at it.
~xHaha Lost-chan~!
~xWinwin likes to RP
~xDo you like to RP?
~xWinwin loves to RP with Lost-chan
~x....But not like that you pervs~!
~xWinwin and Lost-chan are related
~xWinwin hates to lose anything, but does it oftenly
~xWinwin loves Lost-chan <3~
~x...Because they can be emo together~!
~xWinwin says "Bai bai boo~!"

And there you have it, Winwin is done~! Feel better about yourself now? YOU SHOULD >O

Winry: *puts her head against Lost's*...Sasuke...
Winry:*dead serious face*
Lost:.....*spits out soda* XD!

Lost: Hey, it looks like you leg is pissing on you!
Winry:...Well, Naruto got a little TO exicited
Lost: *almost dies of laughter on drink*

Winry: You know what Haku's pick up line is?
Lost: Hmm?
Winry: I'm a real boy!
Lost: XD *chokes on ice a bit**takes ice out of mouth* I'm gonna die from this ice..

Winry: This is Kakashi-sensi's pick up line...I like long walks, reading Come Come Paradise, and making out with my teammates...
Lost: Expecially that Sasuke...
Winry and Lost: *about die from laughing*

Winry: This is Temari's pick up line! Watch out, or I'll blow you away.
Lost: *cracks up* Litterally XD!
Winry:*spits up soda in a bubble onto her pants*
Lost:...Naruto got a bit exicited again, huh?
Winry: XD Shut up.

Winry: *for the second time puts her face against Lost's*...Sasuke...
Lost:...*licks Winry's face*
Winry: GYAH!
Lost: *smirks* HA! GET CLOSE TO MY FACE NOW!

Winry:...*puts Lost's finger in her mouth with ice*
Lost: That's cold! *pulls back on her finger*....*looks at it* Now it's all wet...what am I suppose to do about that?!
Winry: *grins and shrugs*
Lost: *whipes it on Winry* Mwahaha! ^_^

Winry: God I love Gaara...and Naruto..
Lost: Yeah...Gaara is like the lil emo of the Sand Village...
Winry:...Does that mean that Sasuke is the little emo of the Leaf Village?
Lost:...Depends...*poundering face**looks at Winry*...I have my poundering face on...
Winry: o_o Yes...Tis a smexy one too...
Lost: *cracks up, huggles Winry*

Winry: Hey Lost, guess what?
Lost: Hmm?
Winry: Manboobs.
Lost:...You know what?
Winry: What?
Lost: Manboob is the answer to all life's questions.
Winry: Yes, yes it is...But 27 is the number that answers all..
Lost: Vedy true.


(at the park)
Lost: *trys to grab a tree branch and swing on it... tree branch snaps, Lost falls on her back*
Winry: *shakes her head* Idiot.
Lost: *cracking up* Winrrrryyyy! Help me up!
Winry: *walks away*

(at the park..still)
Lost: *laying on a picnic table, randomly starts singing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"*
Winry: Oookkaayy... I saw Daddy kissing the pool boooyy~! Underneath the mistletow last niiiggghhtt!
Lost: *cracks up laughing, rolls on her side and falls off the table*
Winry: *stares at Lost* ...Are you...okay?
Lost: Yes.. XD

Lost: *wiggles* Nyeh! My nose iiiitttccchhesss~!
Winry: Ooooh. Someone's thinkin' 'bout you!
Lost: Yay!
Winry: ...It's me.
Lost: ;.;
Winry: o.o;
Lost: You ruined the magic!
Winry: Mwuahaha~!

Lost:....You make my eye itch >___>
Winwin:...What exactly does that mean? o_x;
Winwin:...-*ponders*- That means your lusting after someone...
Winwin: I WIN~! >D

Yes...Me and Lost are weird AND RELATED~! =o!!!
Leave a comment if you love the randomness. ^_^

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Yay~! Aren't they cute?

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