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Hello there! I'm KittyBlue, you may also know me as o0kittyblue0o from deviantart. I'm an avid artist and anime lover. I'm bisexual, yet happily married with a child, yes it is possible, get over it.

I started on gaia actually on another account, which was hacked who knows how long ago, taken back, and revamped before I made this one. That acount was made roughly 9? years ago. Gaia was pretty new back then, I think, there weren't many games and I got all my money through the chatterbox section back then.

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Pets I sell in various colors, these are my personal colors, if you use them I will find you and rip you a new one. You must PAY for pets, or else it is art theft.
If I do not give you permission, you can not use any of my art. Including pets.

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5000G for Pets
5000G for Headshot
9000G for a Bust
15000G for Waist Up
25000G for Full Body

Add 5000 for full color, an extra 35000 for couple art full color.


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thanks for helping