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Me Myself and I *real deal* XD
Im Alana. I dont care if you know my age so im 14. I can be really weird sometimes so if you get confused maybe iKylexX can help lol. She my best bff and weve know each other sense we were both babys literaly. We started out as sworn enimes but it worked out. ^^,

Dear world,
Meet the real me I’m not the girl you really know. The pain that I feel I bottle up and I just can’t take it anymore I always am lost inside my thoughts and in my mind I ask myself the same question over and over to myself: what is so wrong with me all the time. The kids at school always pike on me and my teacher is out to get me. My life is a dark abyss suffocating me tight like my studded choker.*sigh*{life} lol

I'm currenly Taken. I'm going out with a boy named Steven who is younger then me a little I call him Bon-Bon, hes really cool and funny and i like him a lot. heart
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I love you...

Depression and/or Drama Queens:
People are addicted to drama. Bad things happen and while it may hurt for a while, they become attatched to all the attention like it's their new favorite thing and they go looking for it. Some people grow out of it, others don't. It doesn't take much for what you set out for to really hurt you, and when the people around you are all gone, what's the point? But some people don't even have one special person to confide in, or they choose to keep everything bottled inside. Most of these people are hateful and have low self esteems. I'm not saying that you're a horrible person because you speak your mind. In fact, that's a good thing to the right people. I'm not saying you hate the world if you draw sad pictures and refuse to talk to anyone, I'm just saying that you don't have to go through life being the person that sits in the corner with no one to love. Get up, dust off your past, and create your future or you'll never get anywhere. If you have bad memories, create new, good ones. Life goes on, no matter if you don't want it to, change happens, and the best thing to do is just roll with it. If you're sad, just smile for no reason. It feels a lot better. It's not that easy, I know, but doing nothing about it never helps.
First off, if you're a bully, who the hell do you think you are to know you could be threatening someone's life and laugh about it? Do you know how many suicides are because of harassment? Just what is your motivation? To those who look in the mirror every day thinking of how good looking they are, how many friends they have, and how relaxed they are at home and are still pathetic enough to go to school or work and beat others down because they don't happen to have all the things you do, just who do you think you are? Look around you, how many people you harass do you actually know? How many of them go home to abusive families, I bet you don't know that either. And if you do know, then you deserve to rot in hell for making someone's life so miserable that they can't stand to live. Get mature and get a life, it's not cool. The people who laugh along with you probably talk about what a p***k you are behind your back anyway.

I dont deal with crap, you can push me around and i will be who i want to be and i dont give a flying shiz what anyone else has to say about me. Talk about me behind my go ahead, if i find out i'll just laugh at you because you have no idea who i really am or what the **** your talking about so back off.
Pic's I drew
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~~~~~~Poems ~~~~
My heart is breaking yet they think i feel no pain,
Ether way it will never be the same...
My loveing heart lost in the dark,
how i wish to feel again,
Hidden behind my facade no one really knows me,
How i wish for serveing pain,
how i'd love to feel again,
My words like waisted breath in the wind,
the word upon the script,
as i scream in my sleep,
the walls are closeing in,
the red pores from my flesh
It makes me feel calm and refreshed,
but it will be gone soon oh so soon
If only you knew....if only you knew...

by...me, some is from a song.


You know your in love
when you cant fall asleep
becuase you life
is better than a dream
I have a heart
And since I saw you, I knew it would be left to you
But then I fell out of love,
that was when you fell for me
I left you, not looking back
Your cries grew sad and grim
Then I realized, I was wrong
I didn't belong with any other guy
So I came back
Would you accept me?
Even though I broke your heart?
I'm sorry that I left you in the cold.
I'm sorry I took my heart away,
Just because of my stupid childish ways
But now you have my heart
And we can frolic throughout the streets,
hand in hand
We won't care what the others say
To us, they are lost,
Just like I am without you.


Without You

Without you, the truth
Is still an unknown
Without you, I'm nothing
And here, I'm alone

Without you, this world
Is nothing at all
Without you, My sky
Will crumble and fall

Without you, my dreams
Cannot be told
Without you, I'm lost
Inside I feel cold

Without you, this life
Is worthless to me
Without you, I'm captured
But with you, I'm free



All but the flipping pages,
My steady breathing,
My heartbeat.

In the printed words,
In someone’s life,
In another world.

From my own story,
From the people I know,
From everything.

By the twists and turns,
By the author’s words,
By the book.

The conflict of the plot,
The story and characters,
The pages I turn.

Brought back
To the world around me,
To my own story,
From a happy ending.
Things i like/dislike
I liiike:
My friends
clean things
baton twirling
animals in general
The colors Black, white ,and gray (no im not coloered blind if i were i woudent be an artist)
Being on the computer
My baby siss
just hanging out
Dying my hair funky colors
Talking lol im a chatter box as you can see XD

I hate:
sub teachers
When i cant go on the computer
Stupid people . (stupid people shouldent have the right to breath lol)
Being sick.
HOT wheather
Annoying people.[meh bro]
probably you lol (jk.......'_' maybe)
Oh, incase I forgot
I don't care what others think about meh (though thats probably why im not that popular >.< though it dont matter)LIke vic she dont care how i dress [GOTH] er notin so it works ^^.
On to Anime =D
I Love,
Fruits basket
black butler
white butler
Soul Eater
Wolf's Rain
Full Metal Alchemist
Death Note
Bloody Kiss
Kingdom Hearts (Not really an Anime, but I like it.)
Axis Powers Hetalia (is ok >.>)
Vampire Knight
Vampire kisses

TV~Some channels i like are the history channel,TLC,Animal Planet, channel 36,37, & 38. Some others but names i dont remember.
Some Shows i like are~Monster Quest, A Haunting, UFO hunters,What not To Wear,Little ppl BIG world, AFV, Home Makeover, Animal Police, CSI/criminal Minds , Spikes most amazing videos, Wipeout and shows like that ^^. I love Movies of all sorts i can watch movies all day. My record is over 100 in one week , theres not way i can dissid my favorites.

I love to read my record is 9 books in 2 days about 380 pgs each. My favorite book series is no doubt the Twilight Saga. My friend Vic hates it so whenever i go to her house i tease her and where my Twilight T and sweat jacket XD lol. I have read all the books for Twilight except Midnight Sun which i plan to buy like the others XD and yes i know you can read it online i just dont have that sort of time >.<. Im planing on reading the Demonota (spelling sucks i know) seris cuss i hear its good ^^. My fav Ganras are horror,romance,and comedy but meh fav fav is horror.

~Key bored ART XD~
..._...|..____________________, ,
....../ ..---___________----_____|] = = = = = D
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥
想你     想你   想你   想你 想你想你想见你
想你   想你 想你  想你   想你  想你
想你   想你   想你 想你  想你  想你想你想见你
想你   想你   想你  想你 想你  想你
想你   想你  想你   想你想   想你
想你想见你 想你想你    想你    想你想你想见你
* ♥`•.¸¸.•´´•:*´¨`*:•.••.¸¸. ´´¯`•♥

~~~Random comments~~~~
I love this chart thing i've been looking for it everywere so i could finnaly put it in my profile, i found it in another friends profile.

What every kiss means

~Kiss on the stomach = I'm ready

~Kiss on the Forehead = I hope we're together forever

~Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything

~Kiss on the Cheek = You look so cute

~Kiss on the Hand = I adore you

~Kiss on the Neck = We belong together

~Kiss on the Shoulder = I want you

~Kiss on the Lips = I LOVE U

What the gesture means...

~Holding Hands = We definitely like each other

~Slap on the butt = That's mine

~Holding on tight = I don't want to let go

~Looking into each other's Eyes = I just plain LOVE

~Playing with Hair = Tell me you love me

~Arms around the Waist = I love you too much to let go

~Laughing while Kissing = I am completely comfortable with you

If Vampires do exist i'd LOVE to meet one heart
If E.ts and ufos are real id want to see/meet them too! XD
Trust is what can be seen not what is said to be there.
Never let the wicked go unpunished. Let the bane of justice slay their very being so no more wrong doing may be done.
Innocent lives always have meaning, Do what you must to make them more meaningful.
Avoid conflict, but if engaged in it, do so to put it out forever....at any means.
Don't let little things bring you down, for there is someone out there, with something more dreadful than you.
our world is heartless, so hold close to you the things that make you feel in tune
If there is a key there is something to unlock.
Fire VS Fire makes bigger Fire
Like talking to your self your wasted breath is unheard
If YøU rEåLlY LiKe SøMeØnE åNd YøU CåNt §TøP ThInKiNg åßøUt ThEm CØpY ThI§ InTø YøuR pRøFIlE...
Don’t worry about keeping up with the person in front of you gust worry about keeping up with your self.

more comeing soon!!!!!!!!!

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