Hey everyone! My name is Jayde. I'm poly and currently have 4 partners. I enjoy reading, writing and making dreamcatchers. I'm in the process of going back to school for vet tech. Also currently making a etsy store for my dreamcatchers. I offer premium as well but you have to prove you're 18 or older to see previews. I'l have my etsy up asap. But add me on snapchat for premium: jaydarose99


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My journal describes how I feel about big things in my life.


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That sounds like me, lol 3nodding
But that makes sense now that we're older and got better priorities outside of the high school days.
I think they already listed the bands that'll be participating in warped tour this year. I'm going for Ghost Town, but I'm hoping to see 'Panic! At the Disco' on the list.
Sorry for the late reply! I usually come on and off when I'm drawing with scarlet or just sitting with friends on imvu. Gaia gets my attention at the most random times lol.

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I know right?! I dont usually get out much now, lol. The only time I truly do like going out is on halloween ♥
I guess I just grew out of my old (bad) habbits of walking the streets like I use to XD So in most cases, people will only see me if I'm at work, or doing errands.
But, I decided to get out more when 2017 hits; Im going to save up some money to attend a few anime conventions and the warped tour concert in July. whee

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Are you still in town? If so, once me and Avory find and get
into a new apartment, you and me need to meet up! 3nodding

Report | 12/27/2016 10:51 pm


I'm doing a lot better now that things are settling in for me and my daughter ♥
How have you been? 3nodding

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Long time no see! :3

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Long time no see! :3

Report | 02/22/2016 5:33 am


thanks for buying
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Report | 11/04/2014 11:41 pm

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I honestly cannot remember if I have told you where I live or not,
we have known each other for a long time. But I live in New Zealand 3nodding
Omg, today was absolutely amazing, I received a scholarship in the University I am going to attend.
The presenter who gave me the award, whispered to me,
"See you at the campus next year" I replied with so many thank you's
emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
I definitely cannot wait for next year, but I am really sad to leave all my friends.
There were too many sad moments that left everyone crying, though really glad I have them added in FB hehe.
Now that I have a lot of time of my hands I'm getting back straight into my art,
maybe instead of sketches I will go more into my painting skills (I do really need to improve on my painting).
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Report | 11/04/2014 12:18 am

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Oh, well that's definitely good to hear, that you're feeling better.
And oh that sucks, you're poetry was always nice to read.
Yeah, even for me though, now that I don't take any art classes
I hardly do art, but I do try take the time to either complete or do a new piece. I do still enjoy drawing,
but because tomorrow is my last day of school, I'm very focused and preparing because I take hospitality I have to help prepare food and also get ready for senior prize giving.
I just found out that I received my scholarship for University so I'm very feeling very excited.
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Report | 11/04/2014 12:05 am

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I'm just chilling with my brother listening to music while watching the clips on television.
Wbyou? How have you been darling?
Still writing them lovely peoms?


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