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Shortened Version :
I'm AlisaMayMcBride, nice to meet youu Hahaa(:
13 Year old 8th Graderrr at WJHS,,
Team Bobcat[RawrR !]
I'm Singleee.
I fall too easy.
I have a cell phone that i use way tooo much. Want the digits ?
Long Version :
Heyy, I am Alisa May McBride, a 13 year old Eigth Grader at Washington Junior Highschool. I must admit, i am pretty satisfied with my life right now. I've got great friends[The best around !!] who will always have my back, the best Big Brotherr in the world, a pretty cool sisterr too(; , and supportive parents. Yeah, sure, i've got haters too, but they don't matter that much(: I love my amazing life, even though i don't show it all the time. I'm singlee.. Hahaaa I've got my heart set on someone, but my eyes are always on the lookout(; I like drawing, dancing, reading and writingg, Chillen wiff ppll, riding my bike, football !!, basketball(: taking photos and editing them on Picnik, taking long walks after dark. Long hugs with warm people who smell good is the best(: Hahaa.. I like being myself, and you're not cool if you don't accept that. I'm not fake, i don't try to be one of those preppy popular girls. I like being imperfect and loud, klutz-y and forgetful, smiley and happy. I drink Monster, i goof off, i'm not afraid to punch you if you annoy me(: Don't expect me to lie to you, break a pinky promise [That stuffs legit!], or spread shizz. That's not me, i am waay past that. I cuss, and so do my friends(: I hate it when people yell at me.. If you could be in love with an object, my special someone would be named Technology(; Hahaa.. I wear make up, i chew gum, i like black, i love bright colors, I text too much, and i run into walls. i'm normally hyper, and way too happy, but there are times when i'm kinda emo xP I'm obsessed with ♥Boyzz♥ , Animee , and ♥Gay Peoplee♥ . Don't like that? F*ck you. I COULD BE friends with everyone, but bleh, not like i'm going to try. I like my buddzzz(: I wonder if i'm bipolar? Hahaa(: MOODSWINGS don't be surprized ;D Alisa, pronounced (Uh-lee-suh), is Random, pretty, smart, dumb, Shy{if you don't know me} , talkative{If you do} , and either way too loud, or way too quiet. I dream big, i wanna be an actress or a author, maybe both? I have so much material to work with, but what to do with it..? Hmmm( confused ? Well, Life's great, Summer's Amazing, live it, love it, learn from it, don't be afraid, live with no regrets, stay above the influence, && Have fun, Gotta go, hit me upp(:!! I own a cell, want the digits..? Just askkk(: !!

Hello, This Alisa's about me. If you hate her, your dumb, and you probably shouldn't be reading this right now. Well, Her Birthday is June 28th. She is a Bobcat at Washington Junior High School. I think she is an awesomeeeeeee friend!! She doesen't like posers, so posers, bye. She also doesen't like Hollister, Aeropostale, Abecrombie or any preppy stores like that sad Well, yeah she's cool, so be friends with her. This is her awesomest friend ever (Emma Genson) writing this. Anyways, She likes Vans and Hot Topic and stuff. It is very fun to go to the mall with her. We always have super lots of fun when we go smile Well she also likes JUSTIN BIEBER , and that is awesome. If you want to talk to her, like message her or something like that, unless you are a creeper, because that would be scary. I keep getting very off topic, oh well. She's got all these friends, way too many for me to write. She's got some not so much of a friend friends too, and i want to slap them smile Well, i suppose i am done now..... wow i wrote a lot. Hahaha, bye. From, Emma.

Alisa McBride's in my advanced math class and she's in LEAP, so she's obviously pretty smart. Ya, she's nice... I've talked to her before, she's really funny. i'm not sure what to write about her lol. She's a bobcat at Washington Jr High. You'd like talking to her, so i guess you probably should Lol.
Michael King

Alisa May McBride is my wonderful cousin's name! This is her about me, written by Chelsii Green. She walks and freakin rules the halls of Washington Jr High School. She's a bobcat, and a smart one at that because she's in advanced math and LEAP! This chick is the most amazing person you can meet. She's Dark, kinda emoish and sympathetic one minute, like her favorite color, black and, then the next she's happy,hyper and crazy, like her second favorite color Neon purple ! She's hilarious and super fun to talk to! She's gives me the best advice in the world! She's gunna blow out them birthday candles on June 28th, lol you better wish her a happy birthday! This girl is the one you come to about secrets and the s**t you just wanna get off your chest! She won't tell no one! She hates drama, and is constantly dodging it because she has some seriously unloyal, stuck up, kinda friends. Plus there's always your typical seventh grade drama, boys, family, and school. But Alisa, I'm aways here for you and i'm ready to beat someone's a** whenever it's necessary so ******** back off! On the outside she's a bipolar, beautiful, smart person, but on the inside she's really a lost soul looking for love and hiding her troubles to make it easier for other people. She has tons of friends, too many to name, but she confides in her best ones, Me, Emma, and Malynda. Hmm, Alisa, i would call her style Skater cos she likes Vans, DC, Pac Sun, and Hot Topic. She'll be the one wearing blue jeans, a black tee shirt, jacket, Vans shoes, with shoulder length, shiny brown hair and blue eyes, dancing in the corner of the room with her crowd of friends to a Justin Bieber song. She loves whatevers on the radio but her fav song is Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Alrighty then, i can tell when i've written too much so I'm going to end this! Lmao, Get her digits and chat her up, you'll have the best conversations, i can gaurantee it! I love you Alisa, you're my favorite cousin and my Best friend! I'm here for you(: ! ~-Chelsii Green-~

Herrr name is Alisa McBride ! She walks the halls offff WJHS, where she is on the bobcats team ! Shes really funny and crazy when you get to know herrr ! Her favorite song is Dynamite by; Taio Cruz (: ! We havee the funniest times together, [ We broke our toungess, bahahah ! ] ! Her favorite colors are black, aand neon purple, !This girl has a ton of friends who have her back for anythinggg ! Alisa remember i'm always here if you need any adviceee. xoxo ! -Sierra Hawkins-

UH-LEE-SAH(: Hmm, what can I say about Alisa? Well, she’s a newer friend of mine, but we’re already really close(: She isn’t afraid to state her mind, and random outbursts? That’s Alisa! She’s a cool chick, with her Hot Topic and Vans shopping skillz xD. Butt, she likes Justin Bieber. Ewwy. Oh well, we all have our flaws… xD This chick’ll be your best friend or your worst enemy, but she decides which side your on ;D Ahh I have no clue what I’m doing. Okay bye!
-----Alysha M. Szczublewski(:--

Alisa May McBride is this awesome chick's name! She taking (and acing ;D) the tests at Washington Junior High School where she is a Bobcat! She celebrates her Birthday on June 28! Her BFFL is the wonderful me (Morgan Haynes) lamo! This girl's fave season is Fall and her fav color is Black and purple! Bright, but Dark, and Funny like her personality! You better watch out she has Dynamite(not really!) like her fave song! Xd Xd If u talk to her you are officially talking to a Bubbly Brunette, but she can be a little dumb, and youll love her for it. She is amazingly for sale (insider) so u better get those digits and hit her up! If you don't got the number it sucks to be you! -Morgan Haynes- <33

Alisa McBride is:

sexy, single, young, beautiful, outrageous, smart, amazing, fun, cute, adorable, different, alone, helpful, caring, loving, funny, colorful, dark, happy, sad, peppy, loved, needed, wanted, used, broken, lost, odd, unique, peppy, hyper as hell, talkative,a good listener, strange, good, rebellious, lucky, blessed, talented, and most importantly, Alisa is, Alisa(: and i like her just the way she is.

She has brown hair, blue eyes, she has pale skin. She likes to paint her nails and keep them short. She smells really good, she's very warm and huggable. She messes up, she's super clumsy, she cusses, she makes mistakes, she's dumb, and at times can be very annoying and hard to handle. she has plenty of flaws, but that just makes her, her. If u cant handle her at her worst, u sure as hell don't deserve her at her best!

Alisa is strong. She can beat the s**t out of u, no kidding. If i got a penny for all the times she's beaten me up, well, i'd have probably like ten bucks. if i got a penny for how many times i've watched her harm others intentionally, i'd be rich.

Though she can beat you up, she can be the most gentle person ever.

She changes her mood quickly, she has moodswings major. She likes a lot of boys, she falls in love easy, she's easy to fall in love with, and she has the most gorgeous eyes ever,

Alisa's hyper and happy. She's super fun to talk with and easy to tell your problems to. She honest, probably at the wrong times, and she always tries to lighten the mood. Sure, she pisses you off but still, she's perfect to me and I love this girl right here.

-Jake Ricous

Funny words,,
Long hugs,,
Moonlight walks,,
Cellular Phones,,
Romantic Kisses,,
Crinkly paper,,
Sharpie Markers,,
Orange Juice,,
Holding Hands,,
Bright Kolorzz,,
Dr. Pepper,,

Extremely fat people,,
Getting grounded,,
Bridges over water,,
I am not a lesbian, so girls,,
Expensive things i can't have D:,,
People who copy me,,
People who like tha same guy i like,,
No battery...,,
Declining friendship requests,,
"You are too old",,
When people think ur lying when ur honestly telling the truth,,
"The populars",,
People who stereotype(emo don't have to cut, they can choose to though),,
"That's so gay",,


♥I am the Fruit Loop in a world full of cheerios♥


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Liz_Hintiru_Lover Report | 01/10/2011 7:04 pm
crap..i was gunnu say sumthin then i saw that and..i got mad...and forgot wut i was gunnu say...
neutral ....................
scream i remember!!!
wait... stressed
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sweatdrop
...uh... emo i can't remember...
I DISOWN YOU!!! scream
veggiesprout Report | 08/06/2010 8:37 pm
...*sigh* Sesshy? User Image Sorry, I dun like that nickname. It just... is too... 'cute' for him. xD But yeah, it was like, the only good one I could find~ Glad ya like it!

: D I like [sorta, I'm not a HUGE fan] your profile too! ...I can never spell his name right, if you're wondering why I didn't type it. User Image
veggiesprout Report | 07/29/2010 10:14 pm
Aweshome profile, Alisaaa~ User Image
Evanca Report | 10/05/2008 6:39 pm
Hahahaha. You can't comment me!
Evanca Report | 10/05/2008 6:18 pm
b***h stop commenting!
Evanca Report | 10/05/2008 6:16 pm
Um, Biotch you need to stop hating.
Just couse you ain't pretty don't mean that you have to take it out on people.
So damn screw you.
Good luck writng s**t back...
Evanca Report | 10/05/2008 2:06 pm
xl Sailor Venus xl Report | 09/30/2008 12:49 pm
xl Sailor Venus xl
lol ya i know im friends with her hehe
xl Sailor Venus xl Report | 09/04/2008 4:20 pm
xl Sailor Venus xl
hi.. srry u probably dont know me but im a friend of cheif cool girl.. how did u get those lights in ur house? oh.. srry for my rudeness..... sweatdrop



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