I like ramen.
I like cheese.
I like puppies.
I like kittens.
I like singing--but I'm horrible.
I like talking in a really squeaky voice--but it gets annoying.
I like writing stories--but I never get any where with them.
I like drawing.
I like reading.
I like watching tv.
I like my religion.
I like the bible.
I like my friends.
I like my family.
I like chocolate.
I like steak.
I like watermelons.
I like cheetos.
I like school--...sorta....
I like drawing other people's avi.
I like it when I'm paid a lot for drawing people's avis.
I like Transformers.
I like Transformers 2.
I like GI Joe.
I like The Dark Knight.
I like Iron Man.
I like Taken.
I like Avatar; The Last Airbender.
I like anime.
I like manga.
I like manhwa.
I like The Scorpian House.
I like My Sister's Keeper--but only the book.
I like The Book Thief.
I like The Host.
I like The Twelve Kingdoms.
I like FullMetal Alchemist.
I like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
I like flying squirrels.
I like TVXQ.
I like Big Bang.
I like Super Junior's Sorry Sorry song.
I like Rain/Ji Hoon Jung.

I don't like the Twilight series.
I don't like tofu.
I don't like my allergies.
I don't like Miaka Yuki.
I don't like Edward Cullen clones.
I don't like Jacob Black clones.
I don't like clones.
I don't like shopping--they make my feet hurt.
I don't like my bad habits.
I don't like bright pink.
I don't like people who are pissy and whiny.
I don't like people that doesn't have manners.
I don't like how the world is so complicated to live in.
I don't like harmful temptations that keep me from being happy.
I don't like cigarettes--just the thought of them make me frown.

I love my mommy heart


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I rant, I shout, I scream, and i pout. I laugh, I cheer, and I dance. woopee....


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la noire CIRCUS

Report | 02/06/2011 12:13 pm

la noire CIRCUS

thx for the buy :3

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its because i was rish but i got hacked and my account was erased so i need fwend plz help me with wuteveru have plz!!

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Thankyou for buying.

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like your status

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in my offense, im awesome

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||_R-G_|| = my favorite artist friend... she left gaia but friend her and and use the message with the request to ask her about art, shes pretty good... and Ha HA!
Insane Franken Stein

Report | 07/26/2010 5:54 pm

Insane Franken Stein

Ow...why'd you bite me?
Insane Franken Stein

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Insane Franken Stein


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ello (:

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I didn't read them all, but I like your dislikes.