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Hello, I'm Jessica
I'm a vet and surgery tech.

I'm extremely socially awkward.

I am pansexual, yes it is different than bisexual and no I don't go for everything with a pulse.

My birthday is 5/26/95

I am an artist of many forms and play over 13 instruments, flute and piano being my main.

I'm a poet.

I have multiple body modifications including belly button piercing, lobes, stretched cartilage (4g), vertical labret, n****e piercings, septum, two nose piercings, two tongue piercings and a large chest tattoo that extends from my cleavage to my outer shoulder of a raven in memory of my daughter Raven.

I have the memory of a goldfish so please don't expect me to ALWAYS remember what is said.

As I said, I am socially awkward, I say the wrong things, trip on my own feet in the middle of important conversations and forget things quickly unless I find it immediately important. If you still wish to talk to me, I will gladly make conversation.

I have a web blog on here too: Blog

I hope this says enough. I'm kinda bad at these.

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The Life of Jynx

I build my own Wonderland for I have yet to find a rabbit hole.

Just tidbits here and there about some of the on goings of my life. Diet,exercise, piercings, tats, drawing, music, college, etc. Read or don't, I suppose.


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Hey sorry i removed u on FB :/ long painful story that recently ended.... hope your doing well ^_^""
Anya in Furs

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Anya in Furs

Hi there I live in Gainesville, if you ever wanna hang out or if you need any advice hit me up!
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Idk no many ppl look at my channel I only have 50 followers 2 are famous
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Nice I didnt got up early had to rip up tile fun fun got blood all over me xD but I got it up what she said)
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Pretty Kickass mrgreen how bout ur self?
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Congrats on scholar and this is ur most hated of all ex's dun dun duhhhh Alex... boo! lol saw an old message went back in time anyway... just sayin congrats not here to fight times gone by long enough (my opinion)

GLHF!!! (good luck have fun!)
-leaves you alone-

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Can you draw manga pages? If yes, are you interested in earning Gaia gold for drawing manga pages?

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Shem Ari

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Shem Ari

Right on