ok since having been on gaia and having the job on it that i gave to myself which is random commenting for ppl that i know and that i dont i have come into consideration of putting a little more effort into my about me so heres all u need to know likes dislikes and all
|LIKES neutral

~nice funny ppl
~field trips to weird places ive never been like to an allyway down the street yea right
~making ppl laugh sometimes
~playing around by making fun of u with my snappy clever cracks for fun ok ppl
~computers fav.
~technology fav.
~ANIME fav.
~MANGA fav.
~CHIBI fav.
~JAPAN fav.
~laughter but im not some crazy old dude im a crazy 13 yr old dont get it twisted

|DISLIKES neutral

~ppl with an attitude
~snooty stuck up ppl
~kids bagging on me and my friends
~getting doubled teamed in anything
~slimy chicken skin yes i dont like it ok
~evil teachers
~ppl that think they are eviller than me trust no one can beat this evil crazy imaginative mind of mine
~and walking up the stairs when im tired LAZY OL' ME biggrin

|OTHER neutral

~i enjoy drawing anime(trying) manga and chibi
~the name is ________some should know all ready
~i enjoy those little notes that include girls asking if a guy likes them and basically he answers no and says hes again basically in love with the girl YAY
~i looooooooooooove music tv and the computer
~and i also loooooove lots of other things like anime manga chibi and japan and ramen and cake and other various random items
~for some reason i have a very weird way of thinking if i think of something it leads to something else in my memory and sometimes i dont enjoy the conclusion
~I AM AFRAID OF THE DARK dont ask why cause im not gonna tell u but i will tell u im not afraid to admit it I AM AFRAID OF THE DARK
~i am also afraid of animals that are reptilian crawling on me
~i dont like running or walking for that matter but u do what u gotta do
~im very forgetful and yet i remember things after a long time longer than two days i remember things from years ago and nothing anything that happened yesterday but i will after the next two days
~if have anything to say dont be afraid to come out with out i may come out with something sarcastic but u cant make me cry by insulting me
~i have used sarcasm nearly all my life so now when i do use sarcasm its hard to tell because i have that tone of sarcasm that makes it sound real ITS NOT
~one final thing i am a caring nice funny sarcastic lovable and EVIL little girl but theres times when i give a remark that u dont understand its ok i probably dont either but that does not mean u have to lose me with all these words which i know but probably dont understand based in the order that they r in
~there is also something i call my slow time when for some reason my brain slows down and i act particularly actually very very very stupid so if im on during this time dont be alarmed when i am acting retarded (no offense to ppl that really are)
~i also enjoy ppl with disabilities as long as they arent contagious like i knew guy with only four fingers or was it three on was of his hands he thought i would be grossed out but i found it out awesome
~my favorite words r AWESOME really NICEEE (with a hint of sarcasm)
~it is easy to gross me out but pls dont

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did any1 on gaia notice
how many ppl on gaia watch anime
im one of the ppl obssessed w/ anime
dont hide it you are to YEAH YOU
or something like that
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The Real Wllerd

Report | 11/17/2009 7:31 pm

The Real Wllerd

waz up
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/08/2009 1:47 pm

sherman the smurf

ah ha, okay
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 2:32 pm

sherman the smurf

where's the fourth?
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 2:27 pm

sherman the smurf

oh, i kinda like it...
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 2:14 pm

sherman the smurf

naw...they're posting the results monday
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 10:55 am

sherman the smurf

ha ha, that's alright...
my ipod is crap anyway...i think it's over 3 years old
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 10:38 am

sherman the smurf

wow....i have an i pod...but no cell phone
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 10:25 am

sherman the smurf

oh, you don't have an ipod?
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 10:07 am

sherman the smurf

ha ha, i don't remember that song
then again i don't listen to the radio much anymore...
sherman the smurf

Report | 11/07/2009 9:25 am

sherman the smurf

aww, yeahh, those songs are wayyy over played and i know what song your talking about "i've got a feelin'...."


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