I live by the name Michelle.
but most of my friends call me "Mitch" or "Daniefornia".

I study in AHS.
and I'm already a Sophomore there.

I have lots of friends.
and that makes me feel blessed.

I'am freaked out and weird.
that's why my friends love me.

I love fashion.
but I'm a frugal one.

I love zi techno world.
which makes photography, web designing and pic - editing one of my interests.

I believe in karma.
what goes around comes around.

I know who I'am;
I know what I'm capable of.

I'm a really nice person.
only bitchy when you f*cking irritate the sh*t outta me.

I know how to respect.
so please do respect me too.

Some interesting facts about me o_O
I play Online Games like..
Silkroad Online
Shot Online
Ran Online
GunBound Revolution/
GunBound Philippines
Fly For Fun [Flyff] redface

Also, I love photo editting. 4laugh
It takes my boredom away. domokun

I love learning HTML. heart
I only know the basics though. stare


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iPrincess Panda

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iPrincess Panda

Hey my older sister found a really good Anime called Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei[So Long,Mr.Despair] I have a You Tube link on my profile to Episode 1 & 2… Tell a friend event if you don’t like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. User Image

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Trippy profile there^^

just a random comment

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hey smexy

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Hi.What's up.I love your video since it has Rihanna.She's my idol.I love her!

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Yeah its been awhile so hows it been?

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Hiii ^^ welcome back biggrin
I'm pretty good actually thanks, and you?
Nice profile xxx
y e n t a w

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y e n t a w

oh kaw pala po c michelle.. hehehe
sorry po ahh.. ^^ heehe..

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I forget now..


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