If you are viewing this,
you have stumbled upon my profile.
So, a little about me. I'm 1- years old.
I live in Alabama, and restort alot of my time,
to online browsing. I have friends and enjoy
hanging out with them too. My favorite food would
have to be waffles, because they can taste like pretty
much anything. (With a few exceptions.) Perverted people,
and incorrect grammar annoy me.
I'm a pretty relaxed guy most of the time though.
If you'd like to learn more about the time
I have spent on the face of the earth,
please add me as a friend or comment.


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Thanks for the purchase. :3
The Kinky Cracker

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The Kinky Cracker

Hay Bby Doll
Thanks for letting me get into yo' Pantayz. ~ <3



Don't use "plz" because it's shorter than
"please", or i'll say "no" because it's shorter
than ''yes''.