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♥ Avatar art
♥ Gifts
♥ Rainbow stuff
♥ Tekteking <3
♥ My tits
♥ My friends
♥ Being a b***h

ಥ__ಥ Hates ಥ__ಥ
N00bs ♦
Bitching ♦
Drama ♦
Having to repeat myself ♦

Other information

If you're here it either means you are commenting my profile or being a ******** gnat, so while we're on the same page let me share some facts about the person behind the pixels. I'm really blunt and it might come off as rude. Deal. When people piss me off, I swear. I also swear when I'm in a bad mood. You will know when that happens, trust me. I hate beggars. We don't need to know you're questing such and such. It's what signatures are for. People who b***h at me for swearing are 'tards. I'm allowed to swear. Unlike you, I don't give a ********]
People that self mutilate for attention make me sick.

I'm not emo, I'm not crazy, slutty, or scene. I'm just ******** Cherie. I'm not a can of tomato sauce, so don't label me. Twilight fangirls are ******** idiots. Edward is abusive, not romantic. And last I checked, vampires didn't ******** sparkle.

I ******** love bittersweetmikki. She's my whore, got it? Good. I also love Pelvic Inflamatory, arseL, [.Serelia.] (she's my n00b bashing b***h <3), Junk Oiseau, Hazardous Husky, trinityEDGE - - xx, Pelvic Thrust Fairy, Poor Dead Pez, [.DonnieBear.], Pailzor, PeAnUt BuTtEr FrUiT LoOpS, Jesus Ate My Sharpie, [.Rainbow.Wolf.] and a whole lot of other people.I ******** love you Trev

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Tekteks I'd love art of (These are done randomly btw)
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Malaswang Asal

Report | 03/14/2010 2:01 pm

Malaswang Asal

r ya leaving gaia?

Report | 11/10/2009 9:21 pm


Damn Hacker .____."
make a blanket fort

Report | 11/10/2009 3:16 pm

make a blanket fort

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I finally got your aviart scanned, leavin' comment to make sure ya get it. mrgreen
It's in your thread.

Report | 11/08/2009 4:07 am


This account has been hacked guys
Add me on this one <3

Seriously, would I ever use such a ******** n00b name? D<

Report | 11/08/2009 12:44 am


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★h eeyy

are you okah?

your staus doesnt sound that great.

b u m pth. ;__;
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Report | 11/07/2009 4:59 am


haha..lolz SIN RULES.
that rythems.

Report | 11/07/2009 4:53 am


haha...why is that? touble there?

Report | 11/07/2009 4:49 am


Im fine. so much happen.on gaia

Report | 11/07/2009 4:29 am


so lyf good?

Report | 11/07/2009 4:27 am


haha..inoo right.
any help with that, lolz.
okahh what ones.


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