I am one of those honest and forthcoming type of people. I don't bullshit around with nonsense or drama of any kind. When people come to me for help, they come for truth and advice. I don't give out false and comforting information unless it is absolutely truthful that it needs to be there. Basically, I don't sugar coat. Things that I say out of truth are of no offense to anyone, it is usually just how I see a situation.

In the realm of interests, I have a wide variety of things to dive in to. Such as tv shows of warehouse 13, doctor who. Anything pagan probably will interest me. Music is a vast world of sound to me, a subject that does not bind me by one particular genre. I live a relatively simple life. I often practice magick and the ways of heathenry. I believe in personal honor and worship Norse Deities. I am open minded and talk about many things. I take care of five animals. I have very philosophical thoughts and often express them to those of like mind. Often times you will see me writing out long blogs of intense thought.

I am a very loyal friend. I often get very nosey. I am very personal with people. I am also very silly and ridiculous when I don't need to be serious. I am just...a rainbow of colors. I like to think of my self as grey.

As heathen/asatruar, I follow nine noble virtues that are as follows:

Loyalty (Frith, Family)
Be true to your family and your kin. They come before all else; the whole comes before the individual. Work to provide for, protect, encourage, and support them.

Self-reliance (Responsibility)
Always be in a position to provide for yourself, so that you’re not a burden to others. Accept help graciously when it is offered, but do not constantly depend on others. Ask no one to do something for you that you could do yourself. In addition, take responsibility for your own happiness and fulfilment. Do not blame others for your situation until you have looked at yourself.

Contribute. To your family, to your tribe, to your country. Find where help is needed and offer it. Do as much as you can. Don’t waste time being unproductive. Build relationships, craft things, study, teach others.

Truth (Honesty, Wisdom)
Keep your word. Don’t tell lies, except to an enemy who lies to you. Keep your integrity. Be honest to yourself. Learn how to see through lies. Be wary of others’ façades and false words.

Hospitality (Generosity)
Do not hesitate to welcome the weary into your home. When you have guests, provide them with your best food, drink, and warm clothes. If there is no extra room, give them your own. In return, when you are a guest, be a gracious one, offer help, and do not overstay your welcome.

Keep your word when you’ve given it (and know when to give it). Mend things, situations, and relationships that you’ve damaged. Admit when something is your fault.

Courage (Bravery, Boldness)
Do what is right in the face of opposition or derision. Protect yourself and your kin from harm. Challenge yourself.

Steadfastness (Strength, Endurance)
Perseverance. Once you’ve committed to something, see it through, even if the way is hard.

Self-Discipline (Moderation, Control)
Constantly work to better yourself. Keep control of yourself; be mindful of your own actions. Set goals and challenge yourself to meet them. Do not allow yourself to fall into vice, or give up control of yourself to others.


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Any choice you make can change your future, in this world there is only one possible past for all of us but it contains an infinite number of futures.


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Yeah, I'm down to chat. 8]

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It' nice. My description is pretty vague, haha. xp

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Your description is very.. open. I appreciate it.
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Thats confusing pride with narcsism.
A proud yet humble person is the best kind of person.
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Pride, wether it is straight or gay rules.
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-eats candyland-
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comment back,
-eats your leg off-
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Mr. Ravenous Prince your "mail" is here
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pokes transformer video~
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Akira Marionette

Your more than what you think or feel