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about me ;3

Name: emily
Nicknames: none
Age: nineteen
B-day: april 21st
Birthplace: wpb, florida
Current Location: my house (:
Eye Color: blueee
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5' 6''
Lefty Or Righty: rightyy
Zodiac Sign: taurus
Color: black, white and pink
Number: 13
Band: bring me the horizon
Music Genre: metalcore for days
TV Show: catfish
Movie: harry potter
Actor: liam neeson
Actress: none
Kind Of Movie: comedy
Cartoon: spongebob
Sport: volleyball
Fast Food: taco bell
Food: chicken
Icecream: cotton candy
Cereal: lucky charms, they're magically delicious (;
Candy: reese's pieces
Drink: mountain dew
Quote: "don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
~~Do you have..?~~
Siblings: one half-related brother
Pets: a cat (kiki)
A job: bakery clerk
A Cell phone: iphone 5s
Special talets or skills: i can make my tongue look like a 4-leaf clover q;
Fears: spiders and dying
Bedtime: never
Sing in The Shower: lol yes
Want to go to College: in college
Get along with your Parents: usually
Piercings: ears (double pierced)
Tattoos: none, but i want some (:
Ever been in love: absolutely
Cheated on Bf: nope
Single: nope (:
Crush on someone: my bf
Ever been dumped: nahhhh
Ever dumped someone: yes
Fruit or Vegetable: fruit
Lights On or Lights Off: lights OFF
TV or Movie: tv
Car or Truck: car
Rock or Rap: rock
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
French Toast or French Fries: french fries
Strawberries or Blueberries: strawberries
Cookies or Muffins: cookies
Winter Break or Spring Break: winter break
Hugs or Kisses: kisses <3
Danced in a public place: all the time
Smiled for NO Reason: mhmm (:
Laughed so hard you cried: lol yes
Partied 'till the sun came up: yesss
Been in a wreck: no
Out of the country: yes- the bahamas
Ever TP'd someones' house: i want to
Ever egged someones' house: i want to
How many languages do you speak: english & spanish
Who do you compare yourself to: me, myself and i
Ever regret something: absolutely
Do you like being tickled: NOT AT ALL
What are your goals: be successful and happy
Fingers Tired: nahh
Tired of this survey: gimme more to answerrr [;
Are you happy: YES!
Emily <3's you. [:
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Cause I know there's someone somewhere,
praying that I'll make it home.