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Hey there! My name's Amie! I'm a 15 year old teenager who lives in the rainy state of Oregon but I am soon moving to Hawaii! As you can see from my username and background that i like Lady gaga! Well I don't like her. I LOVE her! She is my all time role model. I know some of you might say she's a bad role model... but in all honesty I don't think she is either. She's so honest that... I really love her! I love her music. I saw an interview where she says that her music goes to the kids that are kind of left out for being different like her that they come with different styles and... I really thought that it was cool!

So now that you know my role model, you can find out a little bit about what I do. In my spare time, i listen to music, I write, and I play sports such as running, soccer (I'm am the champ of my team. That might be Cause it sucks), basketball, and lacrosse. I run track too. I do (normally) high jump, 400 meter, and hurdles.
I'm kind of crazy and... I can multitask! So. Yay for me!

I'm a bit strange... When it comes to guys. Normally i'll be hanging out with my friend that's a guy and later i'll here that that guy told EVERYONE in the damn school i'm in love with him... For... Laughing? Guys are weird. Not worth my time anymore!!!!!! And yes, there is a guy that i'm in love with but it's typical the girl likes the guy and the guy likes the girls friend. His name's Blake and he's totally gorgeous but he's also a total jerk and he was my best friend and then it was... complicated. And then there was thin other guy Andy. -.- Total Jerk. It was... Sad... How stupid he is. Not even gonna go there, it hurts my head.

Who's proud of me? I'm totally over Blake. He's not worth my time, I just want to be friends and he went around calling me a stalker. It wasn't very cool. I wasn't even stalking him... It probably had something to do with his little girl-toy, Sarah, who totally hates me. But, whatever, it's all good.

A bit odd, but I kind of like Andy again, even though he called me a b***h back when I broke up with him, he's like my favorite guy ever because he's always funny and stuff. I guess I'll see what happens.

Even though i tell other people that it's a sign on insanity, I can often be found talking to myself and when i'm home alone, i sing to myself, kind of loud too, and blast my music, i've even had complaints from neighbors but it doesn't darken me one bit!

One thing that I absolutely love doing is role-playing I am amazing at one on one romance role-plays and totally gory adventure role-play with ching ching ching swords and boom boom huge magic explosions. Though, sometimes people call me an attention hogger. Which i admit, sometimes yes, but it's fun, best time to make surprise attacks! It's not cool when people think you want attention because you're pointing out the few wounds you have after a battle =( that's typical right? I could go on for hours, but you'll just have to take a taste of my role-play yourself. Pm me if you've got a good roleplay!

One thing that i really like doing is playing my guitar and making up random songs, though i'm not too good at lyrics, i'm quite amazing at just making tunes. I currently got a new guitar, it's called an Epiphone Les paul studio special, and it's... White. Racist! It's purdy. I'm currently saving up for a mic and a sound board. I needs lots of mula.

Few random facts that are so boring you'll wish you never read them!

Likes: (Fav - Dark Red
-Soccer ~midfield position~Classic Soccer~

-Icecream ~Chocolate chip mint and Chocolate caramel chunk~

-Walking the extremely tiring walk in blistering hot sun up to 7-11 in the summer and getting ice cold Slurpees. ~Cherry Slurpees!~

-Learning/School ~Language arts~

-Music ~Lady gaga~Plain White T's~

-Video Games ~Final Fantasy (X, X-2, 7)~Kingdom of hearts(Only #2)~Perfect dark(And zero)~Halo(All)~

-Tv ~House M.D~Grey's anatomy~Scrubs~

-House M.D ~Cuddy, House, Cameron~

-Reading ~Twilight (It was honestly a very good book, it wasn't until everyone started reading it and talking about it that i wanted to get my holy water, stakes, and garlic!~

-Vacation ~Hawaii~Canada~Texas~California~

-NOM NOM! Random comments and Pm's!!!!!!!!

Random PM's- 0

Random Comments - 0

Guess what I love?

My Favorite characters are Cameron House and Cuddy.

House Cuddy = Huddy love! <3 Pm me if you agree! Or disagree!


Who Are You on House, M.D.? (Everybody Lies!)

My Results:

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Cuddy Hello, Dr. Cuddy! You need to keep going with Wilson, and maybe your dreams of motherhood will come true! You could have had House, but then you may have had a little Gregory running around your feet, and that could be awful. You need to just stop whining about House`s methods and realize that he has not killed very many people, and he` almost always right...let the man work!

Avi Art!

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Done by iAdvent 8/11/09

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Done by Colorful Moon 8/12/09

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Done by Hyro The Guardian 8/13/09

Questing/Dream Avi!

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Total Value: 130,110 Gold
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Item List:
Archangel's Blade Currently questing
Angelic Earmuffs
Kong Sang Scarf
Order of Atlantis
Elegant Snowy Leggings
White Picnic Sun Dress


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Waaahhhh I did!
A fire on the snow

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A fire on the snow

Omg, saw your siggy xD I totally agree with the house n cuddy thing xD

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Ripped stuff...well then its unique.
Got what together?

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Haha wow my new avatar looks dumb right now...its me you know...so what clothes r we wearing for the talent show or variety show?
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heart heart heart

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******** that Anna chick, I still love you, and I also love your sig.

ily zack

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ily zack


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Hinky Psychosis

I don't agree with the HousexCuddy thing but i think i'm one of the few who don't think they should be together.
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Arctic Ocean

house and cuddy! house and cuddy!


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