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All the words we say will break the waves and lead the way for open minds.
;The world is big and full of dissapointments. Every action was an equal reaction. We all life our shelterd judmental lives with no oppions of our own, war, greed, and stupidity are all of our down falls. Humans are so smart yet stupid, Were huge oxi-morons. We put ourself in situations we can't get out of, We tell people whats right and wrong, what there imagne is sapost to be, that inperfections arnt normal. We've all become dependent on technology. If it was all gone one day we'd probably all kill eachother off. Over the years we've all evolved and grown I can only hope that we become smarter as time goes on. Its our life you only live once make what you can out of it and have fun, find what maks you happy I have. I say screw it. Break down the walls to all that you know and step into the real world Who cares what other people think of you I don't. Half the worlds bi-polar the other halfs all ******** up. Its hard finding yourself in all the reckage but I have. I know who I am and im not changing for anyone. I trust to much my hearts to big. I'll push you away, test your limits, push your bottons. but i'll make you smile. I am who I am because of my surroundings my family means the world to me.

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Life is based on dreams and music..
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