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Hi my name is Hayley i was born up North i have a STRONG accent and my family doesnt! im the youngest and im single! and i love Otters,Penguins and Dogs! speaking of dogs i have dose their names are Lucy Loo and Brownie Fudge! Anyways my Favorite colors are Orange,Red and Blue! they are my favs! so yea if u want to know more about me just pm me and ask meh spanks you! ☺☻♥


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Hyios Monogenes Report | 02/03/2013 8:43 pm
Hyios Monogenes
IIGoldenHeartII Report | 10/13/2012 6:43 am
Oh Chelsie.. </3
Mienfoo Report | 12/13/2011 4:57 pm
Dear, what happen to your items? : O
Down tha streetz Report | 12/09/2011 7:11 pm
Down tha streetz
Yesh, that's my sister ^ ^ Me and my friends had a sleepover, so I decided to take pictures with my webcam, so she butted in [;
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/08/2011 4:08 pm
Matcha Goblin
cool but it wouldn't let me post a reply on my other account
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/08/2011 4:03 pm
Matcha Goblin
cool well u almost have 300k i guess but please post your replys on my mule account ii-RainbowFox-ii
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/08/2011 3:52 pm
Matcha Goblin
well not in real life but i mean't friends u just popped up out of no where and said u wanted my hair
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/07/2011 5:07 pm
Matcha Goblin
nvm i will just keep my hair i would rather to get the gold full 350k than in items and getting paid every day because i hardly know u so maybe u would just keep it and not pay me
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/07/2011 4:59 pm
Matcha Goblin
what are the exact names btw i gtg soon so if i don't reply i will reply tomorrow
Matcha Goblin Report | 12/07/2011 4:56 pm
Matcha Goblin
what is the 53k item?

Dear bullies, See that girl you called fat? She is starving herself See the boy you made fun of for wearing the same clothes everyday? His family is poor See the boy that kid you laughed at and called a loner? He cuts himself. See the 16 year old girl who you called a slut for walking with a 2 year old son? She was raped when she was younger See that man who you made fun of for having one arm? He fought for our country Re-post this if you are against bullying! thumbs up!!