I'm with EdwardxOxElric <33 The best Edward ever! I'm sorry I'm almost never online anymore Ed.. I'll turn things around, I promise!
Anime Heart Throb; Lelouch Lamperouge <3

Name; Winry Rockbell Elric xx
Age; 18 xx
Location; Risembool, Liesenburgh xx

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Hey there, how's it going? Winry here.
If I'm not working on my newest Automail desighnes or Squeeing to myself all the way up Rushvalley High street I'm usually asleep at my work bench, you see I'm an Machanic, not your everyday/ordinary Machanic, I'm an Automail Machanic, I build, desighn, maintane Automail for my customers. It's a pretty easy job if you know your stuff but it takes time.

Anime`[s] Ive Watched~<3
Fullmetal Alchemist, XxXHolic, Vampire Knight, Elfen Lied, Chi's Sweet Home, Lucky Star, Romeo X Juliet, Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Death Note, PokeMon, Tokyo Mew Mew.

Heyy. . . the name's Elizabeth, but you can call me; Yuuki or Winry. :]
I`m 14 years young and live in Great Brittain. D:
I fear spiders and go head over heals for Anime.♥
September is going to be a great change in my life, =o I will be joining collage to start an Art and Deisgn Course.
As soon as I hit 16 I'm planing on changing my name to; Odette or Yuette <_< My dream name's. =D
I am Taken/Engaged! it's been that way for.. what? Seven months now? ^-^ In other words no one can replace my Ed!
I can't stand Mary-sues. .. Dx They're so over rated. .. &* annouying. =/ If a female giggles when a male say's somthing, I automatically Pitty the female.. >_> IDKY. I just do. xD
Zero Kiryuu is my hottest Anime obbsesion. He's smexy Emo love. x] I also love Shiki Senri, .. .don't we all? =/
I love many Anime's such as; Vampire Knight, Fullmetal Alchemist, Romeo X Juliet, Elfen Lied, Chi's Sweet Home, Fruits Basket.
I luurrvv RANDOM. :]] Meet The Robinsons Is my love child 'cause Wilbur Robinson is the queen of Random XD I heart him muchly. =P
Anywho! Thanks muchly fer the visit~ <3 Leave a message, 'kay? 'kay. Byyee! :]


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Rapunzel : Well i do like ducklings!
Flynn : Yay..!

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Happy late b-day Winry-chaaan >.<;; sorry i didnt say that earlyer D; ~huggu~ <333 wish you best of luck and lots of love and i hope you get what you wished for!

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Homeless Howler

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Homeless Howler

good avvi.
post it in the arena ;D
Lieutenant Colonel Hughes

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Lieutenant Colonel Hughes

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hi Winry^^
I love ur page/avi! XD
l Clear l

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l Clear l

~HaPpY CaKeDaY Winry-Chan~

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i havent seen ya like


i misses you so much



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hey there...

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I'm fine, thanks!
It WOULD make a difference!
But well..It's you're choice!

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"Hello Winry.Haven't talked to you in a while! How are you?" ((I know that youy may not answer soon xP But well..))

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Hey, hun, juust letting you know that from today, (today being the first of August) I'll be on holday for 2 week

Miss you,


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