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Yaoi ehh o.o Watch some 'X' ;x

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Hey Aizzy. Long time no see. Just dropping by to say that I miss ya and that I hope things are goin alright for you. Its been ages since I've spoken with ya. Please take care of yourself.

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Happy Birthday

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Alright, I do have an MSN, its Burningblazingrage@hotmail.com

Though right now I'm currently in class for another half an hour and after this I'll be heading to my Girlfriend's place so earliest I'll be able to talk to you would be tonight if your on.

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scary limited? does that mean its just kinda basic and small or do you mean there is alot of customization?
A new race o.o there is more then just humans,mechs and Newmans!? D< WHUT!? (Well PSU added in beast i guess).

Ah so your a average fan I guess one could say? Well when compared to me I guess, more tame is a better word maybe?

Well I believe I already attablished I'm pretty much a giant Nerd (I keep up to date with quite a few manga and a few anime as well).

However even with that said I don't feel pretty nerdy, I has me a good life, good friends good women, good wine >.> wait a minute. . .
(I joke around alot sorry DX)

Comicon ehh, Man my sister tell me that place is pretty damn dope. Only thing I got out here in minnesota is Anime detour once a year. DX

which reminds me I need to make a zelos outfit soon >.>

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is your job a career or is it just a job to aquire money while you are in school/Looking for a career?

I hope you moving works out for you better then it did with my sibilings.

So your not An Anime/Manga/Game fan anymore? DX my life is turning upside down *joke*

Nah but really thats pretty cool, I'm still pretty much an addict, I will probably end up as one of those guys that in his late 40s still play games and read manga and such.

1v1 rps were okay but I always found Group rps to be funner, something about being able to smack around a few people and have people call me king just filled some void inside of me (I used to play DnD and man did I terrorize my group).

Phantasy star huh? Never heard of zero, Been trying to save up money to get an X-box 360. me and a friend want to get Phantasy star Universe for it and get time and play it online (I have a friend and we are huge PSO nerds).

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Ah, well since I now know this I shall never call you it again, Aizoku.

Roleplays ehh, I miss doing roleplays, I honestly could never find a good one on gaia so I gave up looking, I sometimes do small ones with friends but really not much for the one exception of a Negima Guild rp.

I mostly come on gaia and lurk around the A/M/C doing things out of boredom, keeps me busy when I'm not playing games.

So, you going to college or are you in the work force now?

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I tried doing that, many times in fact, But you never responded. I could only assume you didn't take kindly to me calling you by your old nickname (of cat girl) but you never bothered to respond any kind of dislike.

I also didn't think that joking saying that I liked the daft version better was that big of a deal. I apologize sincerely for being rude.

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Not really, I was just stating my opinion on a matter and using that as an Ice breaker to Speak to you old chum. Guess I might have been a little too forward.


Miss Voodoo iss Looking for [b:9303ea80b8]Roleplays..
[u:9303ea80b8]as in the rare kind...[/u:9303ea80b8][/b:9303ea80b8]
Please PM me for the List...
There might be a free sketch involved~![/size:9303ea80b8]