I'm stealing this idea from Danielle and decided to dedicate this spot to my friends.

To all of my friends:

All of you are the world to me. You help me through the bad times and celebrate the good. You ease my conscience and hype me up for real life. Together, nothing can stop us. As individuals, we complement each other's interests, ideas, beliefs, and intelligence. Although our personalities may differ, our spirits do not. Each of us has something unique to offer.

Danielle, especially, your kindness, straightforwardness, and wonderful demeanor bring a comfortable vibe to those around you. You're an amazing friend and a shoulder to lean on. You have the ability to calm us down while getting us ready for the real world. You're down to earth. You're comfortable in your own skin and you can make anyone feel fine in theirs.

I'm glad to call you my friend.


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xX Lithium-Chan xX

Report | 07/28/2013 6:58 pm

xX Lithium-Chan xX

Just wanted to say that I really like ur character Emelia and how u portray her personality. U have great/amazing rp skillz biggrin
Captain Fluffers

Report | 07/24/2013 1:03 pm

Captain Fluffers

I miss you in posting for Monsea D: come back. My darling /3
C R i T T L 3

Report | 05/30/2011 12:42 pm

C R i T T L 3

just wanted to say that I love how devious and conniving your princess character is!
Very well played wink


My favorite role play now: Reunited