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I'm relatively new to Gaia, I had one a long time ago and someone hacked it. It's been a few years!
Anyway, my name's Melissa. I play 8 instruments and I was going to go to school for music but decided to go for linguistics. I not only know English but Spanish and Mandarin. I want to travel the world someday, especially Japan and see what the world has to offer. My dream is to get married in Japan.
I live at home with my parents, they fight a lot unfortunately. I have two younger sisters who are 8 and 10. They also fight a lot! rofl I spend a lot of time at work, or at my guy friend's house. I get homesick very easily, I think it's because my room is so warming. I have about 10 different gardening plants in my room. They're my babies.
I'm also addicted to piercings... Even though I have a hand full, I love the thought of getting more! I have my lip pierced, hurt like hell, but it was the best spontaneous decision I ever made. 3nodding I recommend it.
I'm allergic to caffiene, which includes chocolate. It sucks I know. I'm also a vegetarian. Meat makes me very sick. I'm not an animal rights freak or out to save the planet even though if we pick up our room, we should pick up our Earth. heart
Please leave comments and friend me. I don't bite heart

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Evil 2013 Report | 12/17/2012 12:50 pm
Evil 2013
sorry I don't have one sweatdrop heart
Evil 2013 Report | 12/15/2012 5:42 am
Evil 2013
cat_whee Nice!!!
Evil 2013 Report | 11/26/2012 3:23 pm
Evil 2013
cat_whee Did you get anything nice?
fireflyfw Report | 11/20/2012 6:55 am
Just stopping by to say that, ur avi is adorable^.^
Evil 2013 Report | 11/18/2012 1:45 pm
Evil 2013
hey, whats up? cat_whee
n o b o cl y Report | 09/09/2012 9:08 pm
n o b o cl y
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n o b o cl y Report | 09/09/2012 7:17 pm
n o b o cl y
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Mother Birthday Report | 08/29/2012 8:06 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image 08-30-12
taisukay Report | 08/27/2012 12:19 pm
AGGGH! gonk
for the earlier comment, it was to my other friend, sorry xD lol
omg, i have a cousin whos exactly like that D:
is she kind of spoiled and stuff? xD
taisukay Report | 08/27/2012 12:18 pm
hey yourself wink
lol heyy!
schools BLEH!! D: its nasty T^T too much hw XDD
hows your summer vacation? ;D


'A world like I have seen in my dreams (Yume ni made mita you na sekai wa)
Without conflict, just daily peace (Arasoi mo naku heiwa na nichijou)"
-Rolling Star, Yui, Bleach Season Op 5


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