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Instant Xoi

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Instant Xoi

No, no! It's alright!
I've been busy with my classes, so I'm barely online for at least ten full minutes anyway. XD;;
Not to mention my part-time job and assignments.
How are you, my dear? How's your Halloween?
I've recently attended a dance hosted by my Homestuck community, but had to head back home early since I had to attend a family event that evening. sad

Yeah, not to mention that, if put into society while adopting what they assume is what the character is really like personality wise--despite the fact that Cronus barely had much of a segment and could be viewed in any way possible (even though it's clearly stated he's more into consented relationships and is less of a pervert than Mituna is who's just all over the place)--it could endanger others who don't understand what Homestuck is or why said person is even doing certain actions towards them.
God, that reminds me of that weeb-story that one girl posted about this girl adopting the Hetalia character named Belarus as her true persona and got all psychotic and s**t with a few con-goers...;;;

Well I wouldn't say it's cold since it seems pretty normal temperatures to me.
But then again, I've been living in Vancouver for twenty years of my life and already grown used to the chill.
We're famous for our Japadogs (best hot dogs you'll ever have) and lack of proper non-tacobell Mexican restaurants.
Seriously, there's not a single Mexican restaurant there. It's mostly sushi, pho, and dim sum central where I live. :S

You know what I really dislike the most about the homestuck community sometimes?
Despite Hussie addressing that all ships are canon to stop the fandom attacks and outrage, there's still those people who get super serious about shipping characters.
I was kind of in a middle of that attack as I liked certain ships that didn't match up with one of my followers and I was like "Why do you even feel the need to waste your time and energy with me about fictional characters having sloppy makeouts? :T ".
Didn't get a reply after that, but whatever.
Though ships aside, I hate it when other sad-excuses of the homestuck community don't learn to SEAL THEIR MAKE-UP WHEN THEY COSPLAY TROLLS.
I mean, giving the excuse of "oh I couldn't afford the sealant for my ben nye makeup" isn't a valid excuse.
When you cosplay, you're emptying your pockets for you hobby and love, so for the love of ********, seal your makeup or there will be a con-wide ban on those, especially with the hotels that are hosting the conventions!
At one of the hotels I was staying at for SakuraCon, they gave my group a really hard time because they had an incident there other homestuck cosplayers before us leaving a huge mess of grey on their towels, showers, walls, and bedsheets. I don't even know who these people are, but they sure as ******** didn't give any respect to the place they were staying at and nearly ruined our time spent at the hotel. >:T

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I do! I own a RP guild but my favorite thing I'm stuck on is this Homestuck guild that is kinda set up like D&D
And I RP on MSPARP with the guild, one is private because it's NSFW.

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There's really not a character I don't like but Eridan and Aradia are amazing.
(probably because she and I are really alike)
*Rolls around* This conversation was easier in my head, goodness, I suck at small talk..
Do you like roleplaying?

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As it's probably obvious, Aradia is my favorite character.
If my hunch is yours is maybe... Eridan?
Or do you just cosplay random characters like I do? :3

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*waves* I'm Dana, it's a pleasure to meet you properly!

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We are friends, but, we don't talk!
So, would you like to chat?
Instant Xoi

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Instant Xoi

I mean, I get the that people can relate themselves to a character and see them as themselves, but to fully take on the fact that they are Cronus is really taking it too far...;;;
From the looks of her posts and all that s**t, she seems pretty normal, but going further back, not quite...;;;
Kind of reminds me of that post I saw about some girl dressed up as Aranea who got beat up by some middle-aged dude who hated the character due to some recent update.
I mean, wow, just because they dress up as some character doesn't make THEM the character. :S

To be honest, I didn't expect it to be that bad when I joined the homestuck fandom, since I had much worse in the KHR cosplay community.
But to basically had my convention week ruined by some s**t-cosplayer, just....wow....
Not to mention that our community gets s**t for it because some homestuck cosplayer outside of our community manages to ******** s**t up for us. :S
All we can do is try to move on from it and explain the situation if people are willing to listen to what we have to say.
I'm from Vancouver (the one in Canada and now Washington which people tend to get mixed up with).
I don't get to go to conventions often, but when I do, it's just really small cosplays I've worked on all year since I have university and work.
Instant Xoi

Report | 10/30/2013 10:07 pm

Instant Xoi

Ack, it got cut off....oTL
Basically our Meulin is pretty shy and doesn't like people that aren't her friends touching her in any way.
She locked herself in a bathroom stall and cried for an hour until I finally got her to leave and come around me.
The poor girl was even too scared to go to the bathroom alone or even go to events by herself at that point, and even went home early that day. sad

The last incident that followed was the last day of our convention and I went as Aradiasprite.
All I was doing was fixing up this Jane cosplayer's skirt and I didn't even notice the Roxy standing behind me until she yanked hard on my wig and said "Wow! You have really nice hair! Is it real?" or whatever.
The thing is, when I wear long wigs, I pin them from the inside to my wig cap so it doesn't slide or fall from my head.
So basically she was pulling on my REAL HAIR as well.
Her friend heard me yelling at her to let go and they ran over to get her to release her grip before apologizing and forcing her to apologize to me.
I didn't get an apology but instead a "Well I just wanted to see if it was real or not. It's not my fault she made it look so real." and walked off.
Her friends felt so bad about what had happened that they offered to buy my lunch or offered to help fix my wig, but I turned it down since I knew it really wasn't their fault.

Also sorry for rambling on there...;;;
Instant Xoi

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Instant Xoi

I might look into it, but knowing people, they tend to remove the posts before anyone could come across it and have anons fly all over it.

But seriously, why are people getting so goddamn angry over a FICTIONAL character.
Like sure, characterization could be off and people might not like the same character as you, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should start getting all hate-rage over it.
Like who gives a flying ******** about what people think about the character you happened to like.
I can't believe this sort of s**t still goes on, but then again I shouldn't be surprised after having jumped from fandom to fandom for the past several years of my life.

She's fine, and isn't letting that incident keep her from cosplaying her favourite character.
She made sure that either I'm around her or has at least two friends with her in case something like that happens again.
Also, it could have been worse if she basically started getting violent when we told her to ******** off.

I had another incident with some really s**t Roxy cosplayer that was WAY worse than Kyleehenke and she wasn't even part of the main homestuck community for our region nor does she even know about it.
Like not everyone's cosplay is perfect or anything, and that's fine but this girl's costume was like "....Did you even try at all?" quality.
You know the shirt for Roxy has the pink kitten face on it? Her's was some large T-shirt that's basically to her knees with a off-centered kitten colored and drawn on with highlighter markers and sharpies. :S
Her wig was a tangle mess of hair gel and expensive-but-cheap quality party wig, her make-up was runny and smudgy, and wore nothing that could resemble a skirt. Just a large shirt and black tights.

But bad cosplay aside, she's got a huge attitude problem, and sure I understand how people could get excited over their first convention but that doesn't mean you're allowed to sexually harass, attempt kidnap, and basically damage cosplay/property in the name of 'fandom love'.
I accompanied a friend of mine who went as Godtier Dave and went along with her as Ms Paint to a photoshoot hosted by our friends and it was pretty fun!
I was one of the supervising adults there, making sure people don't leave behind their stuff or making sure that people aren't injured there. I turned my back for one second to help someone out with directions to a Madoka meet-up that was happening at the same time, and found my friend gone. I was pretty worried since she usually keeps close to me or somewhere where I can see her, so I called her and she didn't pick up.
She came back looking scared as ******** and telling me that some Roxy cosplayer dragged by the cape and away from the group. You know how Dave's cape is like around the neck area? Yeah, basically my friend suffocated whilst being dragged forcefully away by her cape. She was even screaming and begging her to let go because she just couldn't breathe, but instead this b***h laughed and thought she was joking. It turns out the friends of this b***h caught what she was doing and forced her to let go. When she did, my friend ran off to come back to me and we pretty much reported the incident. She's pretty shaken up about it, and I feel like s**t for taking my eyes off of her for that very second.

The second incident that followed hours after the cape-suffocation-abduction thing was another friend of ours dressed up as Meulin and all she was doing was readjusting her wig in the bathroom.
I was only a few feet away, comforting my friend and trying to get her to calm down, while we're waiting on our other friend to come back from the bathroom.
From what she told me, the girl was already in the bathroom and came out of the stall and basically went up behind out friend and groped her.
We heard a scream and a few of my other friends rushed in, and out walked this Roxy cosplayer looking pretty pissed off.
Our Meulin is really shy and isn't really comfortable wit
Instant Xoi

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Instant Xoi

Whoa, what the ********?
I mean...I didn't think they would actually say or actually think that kind of s**t.
I mean, great that people use art as an outlet for those kind of stuff, but I think they really need to see some professional help if they're going to say that sort of s**t to someone....publicly....
Would explain the multiple tumblr name changes going around that person...

It's a bit of a long story which I'll try to make short.
Kyleehenke...she uhh...tends to be all invasive and s**t around people who dress up as male homestuck characters, especially if they're dress up as Karkat (my friend being Karkat that day several years ago).
She'll go as far as to interrupting a photoshoot to hug or cuddle up with people without even asking them. I heard at one point she groped a minor dressed up as Eridan, which is pretty bad since they're 14 or whatever and she's in her late 20s. Even got clingy around the cosplayers and whenever they confront her about it, she's all like "but they're ____ and they're my favourite".
I thought, she was in her teens and that this was her first con, so I just ignored her and kept her away from my friend.
Turns out, from what I've learned from other people at the convention, she's practically an adult and acting like some stupid dumbass kid.
No scratch that, any other kid was more well-behaved than her. :T
She might have some pretty a-okay artwork flying around and she's 'better' now, but I can't bring myself to even like her artwork after the s**t she put through with some of my cosplay friends.


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