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I love to rp, alot.

"Here in the present,
where the floors are
I insist,
don't wipe your feet first.
Just enter.
Dirty boots build strong homes."
-from a good friend

Name: Cody "Azer" Goreczky
nicknames:Vuuk, Vuu
Age: 19. 20. Damn. 21 Fuuuuuuu-
Hair color biggrin ark Brown
Eye color:Brown
Hobbies:Rping, Writeing, Reading, befriending, Cooking
Zodiac Sign:Leo ç___ç
Likes:Writeing, Music, Friends, Sleeping, Dreaming, Most animes, Toonami, games, the funnies, England. ******** FOOD, tea, Yugioh,
Dis-likes: This list can go on forever. I hate alot of things, NEW POP, SMART PHONES, ******** THE BITCHES, ******** DA POLICE
Favorite Color: Greeeeen
Favorite Color combination:White & Red
Favorite Shade razz ure Snow White
Favorite Animal: Foxs are so cute~
Favorite Food:Mostly fruit
Favorite Season:Winter, not because of santa.
Favorite Energy Drink:I dont like Soda or anything with Carbonation.
Favorite Music Genera:Techno, Rock, 1950's pop and rock, anti-folk, folk.
Favorite Number:6

I dunno.

Pokemon is a passion. :I gtfo nostalgia fags.

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Who am I right now?

Hey. lol. Im like really really strange. After years of not doing much I've become a bit socially awkward. or maybe I always was? some people say that.
Im easy going and easy to get along with. I trust people way too easy somtimes. Unless I know what you are. But I always give people chances.
I'm easily the nicest person on the planet and I never ever get mad. I do get irratated though. I love helping people. Its really the only think I am good at.
I like to tease people very much. Its one of the ways I show love to people. If youre teased I love you a lot
I love labels! Labels are nice. I know what every ******** thing is. without labels I would be a OCD mess.
Two years of college down and I havn't gotten my associates degree. Cause I changed my major three times. I don't really know what I want to do with my life but I have an idea. I'd love to write books but I've neither the patients or the know-how to do it. Comics and manga might be the better. its easier and appeals to the group i rather entertain.

I was born with chronic kidney disease and how it effects my life has changed as I grew up. I have one kidney and it works at 30%. I don't know if its really serious or not lol. Its bad, maybe, but It doesn't mean much to me because Im not scared of death. This is because I have a sinking suspicion that I know what comes after life....and thats nothing.

I'm an atheist. Not really a big deal. As long as you are not a fundie or a fundie disguised as a moderate I won't really care what you believe in. Im pretty practical.

I'm slowly turning into a hikikimori. I need a job and want one but nothing is turning up. Hopefully I'll catch myself.
Seeing others makes me sad because I don't know what to do with my life. MY life is pretty much meaningless and Im lonely. I can't do really anything right.
But every path has its bumps and I know I can become truely happy! I like sharing my happiness with others and I will do anything in the world for people.
Hopen' this stage of depression passes quick.

I like to think of myself as glass. If I can't do my job I cut people.

I promise you this: No matter how much you like me eventually I will say something that pisses you right off!

Life goal: Steady Job, Happiness, and someone to share that happiness with.

I love to write. Writing is my passion. Sometimes it doesn't really look like it.
But trust me. One day you will see my names on books or comics. I hope.
Oh. Im also workin on a time machine. I really should start working on it some time this year...

I love all my friends. Thank you for talking to me! Sending me mail! Keeping me from feeling Lonely!

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What I like?
I like Music, one of many forms of art that shape my life.
Laura Maring, Johnny Flynn, Jeffery Lewis, Crystal Castles, The Arctic Monkeys, The Misfits, Larkin Grimm, Diane Cluck, Queen, The Smashing Pumpkins, Sneaky Sound System, Does it offend you yeah?, Hadouken!,Genesis, Frank Sinatra, Bonnie Prince Billy, the fratellis, The Wombats, cansei der ser sexy, Fats Domino, The Beach Boys, The Rays, Bob Dylan, The Cranberries, Akira Yamaoka, dean martin, Phill Harris, The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Killers, The Clash, The Twelves, The Mommas and the Papas, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Eight Legs, and so so so so so so much more then if feel to tell.

Sometimes I run out of songs so i dont listen to music unless I find something new. That's when "You" come in.<333
I love reading and writing. I love mostly every kind of book. Except Vampire and other Clique rip off books. And ofcourse Anime: Rave Master, Gungrave, Outlaw Star, Hellsing, Reboot, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, Blue Submarine no6, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Chrono Crusade, Bleach, Naruto,Dot.Hack, Fullmetal Alchemist,Shaman King, Digimon, Pokemon, Gundam, Dai-Gaurd,Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo,Buso Renkin,---
Looking Though my Manga as we speak to add more xDD

Want to Stalk/raep me?
Deviant art: Zuirax
Facebook:Gordon Azer Freeman
Youtube: 0vuuk0
Xbox: xvuukx

Anything else telliphone satan he knows me.
His number: 407-666-616

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its over 1000!!!!1

ø¤º°`°º¤ø º°`°º

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Pharaoh Misa

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Pharaoh Misa

Hi friend! I've been Pharaoh Misa for close to a decade now, but I'm no artist. If there's a specific piece you're remembering I have everyone's info saved! Tell me which art piece you're thinking about and I'll give you their username (and socials if they gave it to me) ^^
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Vestakia Silverfur

Thanks XD
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l-l Shoulder Angel l-l

hahaha. bet you never thought you'd hear from me again mm?
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P L A T Y P U S chan

Cody~ You're still on Gaia? Cool beans. Haha.
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Skash the Saiyan Elite

Nothing much man. First time logging on in a year!!
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Pharaoh Misa

Lol me too. I knew tsuki from another roleplay. Something about a 1000 dreams something one or another. I forgot to stress to her my completed profile so was just accepted but I joined an eon ago. Yep I was right it was death hunters...ill get back to those soon
Pharaoh Misa

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Pharaoh Misa

Hey...you just joined a bleach roleplaying guild xD um we've roleplayed together before...I believe in the death hunters? Just wanted point that out, dunno why but I did

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we should rp more!