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    • I like coffee , sweets, and really spicy foods.




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South Pole Santa

Report | 10/23/2016 12:47 am

South Pole Santa

Oh my lord, Millie! I missed you! crying

How have you been? How is/was school? Are you a millionaire yet?

Life has been a roooooooller coaster for me the last couple of years. Gimme yo digits or something, we need to catch up!

Report | 07/16/2014 10:55 pm


Ahhh, I can see why! surprised What about the perfume, is it hand-crafted too?
Omg, I remember you telling me this! Gahhhh, fatties unite! <3

I'll keep trying! emotion_dowant UGH, we should totally go on sushi binges together. Better yet, food binges! ;~;

I DON'T HAVE A PIC! crying crying Well... we talk... kind of LOL! Here's a story!
So my friend and I went one day and I noticed a guy's head from behind and I kept looking, he turned around and saw his face. He was so cute but I kind of brushed it off. When my friend went to buy her stuff at the counter, he asked if she wanted a points card, I said "Oooooh, get it, get it!" He chuckled and I know this is lame but all I can think was "PLEASE NOTICE ME!" rofl rofl When we were leaving, I looked up and he smiled. redface
We went back another day and he was there again. My friend didn't want anythinso I decided to buy a 99¢ comb to get the points card. I realized I had no change so I had to pay with visa, mind you this was like $1.12 with tax and I just felt so weird paying that with credit when normally I don't care lol. Anyway, I said, "Uhm, sorry I don't have any change at all ahahaha." He said, "Really? NO change?" So I just reply with, "Yeah, I have nothing..." He continued by saying "Wow... no change? NO chance? NOOO change??" So we kind of go back and forth with that, I'm there feeling like embarrassed because he's smiling and talking and ugh, I'm awkward around cute guys lol. I asked him for the points card, he takes my information but I didn't think he heard the last 4 digits of my cell number so I repeated it. He says "Oh. I got it. I didn't say anything, did I? Ah, sorry, I was just still distracted by you having NO CHANGE." I just apologized by telling him I'm soooo sorry and he says back, "Haha, don't worry, I'm just teasing youuuu! I sometimes have no change too and just wonder how that happened."
We went back another time and he asked if we were okay but I think they were gonna close soon so he was kind of busy. I know I sound like a fan girl but I literally never really like guys so I'm just in blushing mode. He looks like he could be a K-POP star. emotion_kirakira

Report | 07/16/2014 9:59 pm


$16 for a teaspoon?! Geez, I would treasure that thing. Why so much? Is it cute and vintage-y looking? surprised
You won't be disappointed! heart (I hope. emo )

Yes! I tried to make them and uh... I don't know if it was a fail or a moderate attempt, leaning towards the latter? I wish I could cook it too... and sushi! I would eat both everyday. crying I actually have a crush on this Korean guy that works at a beauty supply store near where I live. MILLIE! YOU SHOULD SEE THIS GUY'S FACE... he's adorable.


Report | 07/16/2014 8:56 pm


Omg! Perfumes?! Ah... sounds so luxurious! surprised Sounds like stuff you can buy when you get your own place or something! surprised

Try it, try it! It's really yummy and should be super cheap. A big bowl is like $5 here? Should be the same or cheaper there? surprised Spicy Bulgogi is the best. emotion_drool Truly delicious! ;~; I love spicy too! My fav side dishes are starchy potatoes that are slightly sweet topped with sesame seeds.

I shall! I'm just waiting for all my clothing to arrive then I'll be off to the gym! Best part is it's only 1 bus to get there since it's along my main street.

Report | 07/16/2014 2:39 pm


Oooh I think a couple of my friends would really like the spiced green tea latte! surprised Were the trinkets cute though?
I love Korean foooood omg! What's your fav dish? I reallllyyy love jajangmyun and there's this spicy pork dish I like but when I look it up, it has different names. classified_fu I think it's called pork bulgogi for the most part. What's your fav Korean dish? surprised


I would love to work on my upper body strength, I'm just wayyyy to weak. ;~; Also would like to get to like 110-115lbs but people say I would look too skinny so I'm kind of just aiming for that and seeing how I feel/look.

Report | 07/15/2014 12:54 am


I'll tell you about them later this week, last week was a bust for many reasons. emotion_drool
Ooooh yes, yes! Do tell me what you ate and the trinkets you bought!

Ah yeah, a lot of people have long gone. I hope you have contact with them though outside of Gaia! ;~;

Yes! I'll be starting soon! Just waiting for the stuff I bought for it to arrive in the mail! surprised

Okay! Do you use any social media or anything? ;o

Report | 07/11/2014 10:46 pm


ME TOO! Being fatties is one of the funnest things about summer! We have this festival in July called Cultura that serves food from different cultures and shows an outdoor movie. Japanese fried chicken + Caribbean strawberry & mango smoothie = THE BEST COMBO EVERRR! cry heart
Please tell me about your adventures to this café! I wanna go to one someday but I'm not a big coffee fan!~ Maybe you can persuade me! smile

NOOOOO! But you wanted it for so long. crying If ever have an interest, I will try my best to help you get it back! mad heart Everything is so expensive, I have most of what I want though so everything else is a bonus. Your avis are always cutecute even without the flashy items. <3 OxO;;~

We just got it! Tied to a contract too so it's like a way to force yourself to go. rofl $35/month with tax included – good deal, right?

Btw, Millie, if you ever quit, please tell me! :<

Report | 07/10/2014 10:24 pm


*HUGS* I sometimes think, "Aw, I wonder what Millie is up to?!" heart

UGH I KNOW! 90m is chuck change. It's like 900k. crying emotion_facepalm Do you still have your D-Tail? I suggest you never sell that thing. rofl

Yes! Me too! Lazy pigs UNITE! I actually decided to go ahead and get a gym membership earlier today because I was so fed up with being lazy. ;~;

Report | 07/09/2014 12:09 am


MILLY! I MISS YOU! How are things going for you? I'm just enjoying summer!~ I got my minis when they were super cheap like 90m-ish? surprised

Report | 03/10/2014 11:21 pm


Thanks for saying that, Millie! ;~; You have no idea what that means to me. crying heart I often think I could be a better person than I am.

OH! GOOD IDEA! Although, hopefully you're staying with like-minded, clean person. Nothing worse than staying with a friend that isn't clean and doesn't flow along the same wavelength as you, get what I mean? They may be fun to hang out with – opposites attract yadayadayada – but may not be the best to live with. Good luck on your search! Let me know how it goes!

Oooh! Well definitely go for that! Even if it's temporary, it'll look great on a resume! You'll also be in an environment you love since you're an animal lover and that couldn't hurt~

YUP. UGH. I hate having to pinch and save but I guess this is good money-management building skills. classified_fu


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