Hello, im Vanillatini.
You can call me whatever you want, I dont mind.
Im a simple person.
I am 19 years young and Im not that interesting.
I LOVE My Little Pony Friendship is magic and anything else cute! :3
I spend most of my time at my dead end job at McDonald's, and I am in college right now to remedy that situation.
I am also an anime freak.
My favorite animes are:
Naruto, Deathnote, FMA, Shugo Chara!, Tokyo Mew Mew, Lucky Star, InuYasha, Loveless, Black Cat, and One Piece.
( I might have forgot a few so if i did i'll add them later >_< )
I am pretty darn lazy, I enjoy drawing, I like playing video games when I have time, I am pretty smart, and I have my Pervy moments.
I am also shy when I meet new people, and really quiet.
But if you get to know me, im loud and stupid acting.
I am also EXTREMELY danger-prone.
The longest I have went without hurting myself is maybe a day and I am still trying to recover from my last incident. sad
I also love music!
I love all kinds of music(except rap and country)
But I dont really read as much as I used to. :/
And I have too many favorite bands so im not gonna write them on here.
Thanks for reading. :3


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ffff- towns or something i guess

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idk thats your problem isnt it? eek

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bored out of my mind today x_x fix it! gonk

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sakuuuuuuuu, SUP!?

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I missed my chance to take Japanese in 9th grade. Starting in 8th, I went to an online school for a few years, and they didn't offer it. (I started learning Spanish here, but their methods of teaching were AWFUL.)

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I know my sister is working on becoming fluent using this website she found called duolingo.com (completely free)
I've watched her on it and it looks pretty efficient in its teaching methods and stuff. I think they have Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese.....and I know they're working on a Japanese section.

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The only German I've ever gotten was about 6 weeks of it in 7th grade. (Exploratory languages)
Too bad my teacher was extremely irritating, and a show-off. xP

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I don't even have my driver's license yet. (and I'm 21) sweatdrop
Luckily my school is like, a 5 minute drive and I end up getting a ride from someone.
I'm in Spanish 2 at the moment, and would like to take French 1 sometime. I wanted German, but this school hasn't had a teacher in like 8 years.

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Wow, let me think here. xp
I'm in my third semester of college so far. (Just in general studies, but I am thinking of going into languages)
I'm still huge into video games and anime/manga, hmmm......my life is not that eventful, so that's basically what
my life generally is like right now. Go to school, come home, do my interests, and so on. It kinda goes in a cycle.
What has happened for you? 3nodding

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OH MY. It's been a long time since we talked. Maybe years! How have you been? xd