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My name is Jess and i am 15 years old( october 5, 1993). i am bisexual and have a bf at the moment. but im confused right now. i thought that i loved him cause i couldnt stop thinking about him and i cryed everytime i was him with his new gf's, but now he is just being to clingy and he never comes over to my house and never calls. he also has the nerve to tell me that i never go over to his house when i do. well going into 11th grade and for the first semster i have to take regents study classes and then i will get my art classes back. i love to draw so all throughout highschool ive been taking the art classes and i was supoosed to take cartooning but i had to fail chem regents twice. i also love music and singing. i am working on getting a band together but so far all i have is me and my friend tiff. i am trying to learn how to play the guitar but i just cant get it. i am a very nice person and all my friends say that i am very funny, but im not funny all the time although it is most of the time. my hair is curently just a little bit below my shoulders and it is a redish auburny color. Sweiach!!!! lol ^^
this is me * points up* if the picture shows up...if not click the link


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My Life: Music

My journal will be about me and music.


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Marisaiko Report | 09/05/2010 2:59 pm

Lol oh I see
This was roughly what each of our posts where like.
Sukiomie felt as if she was hovering, floating in place it was an odd sensation opening her eyes she looked around everything seemed to be moving and heaving it took her a moment before she got her bearings. Looking down she saw her own body lying under a tree. The woman from before had run off with the children people were running around in a panic screaming and terrified. She then looked back down at her own body again she looked pale almost as white as the snow itself and she could tell her own breathing was low and unsteady. "[i]Whats....going on....?[/i]" she thought and her thoughts echoed around in her head. Something flashed and she looked up at the sky blue orbs were filling the sky very rapidly except, they werent just blue orbs to her they had actual physical forms of people they looked angry some upset and others in denial of their own deaths. "[i]Why...can I see them?[/i]" She wondered looking back at her body.

The woman was back now she looked exhausted and yet still she carried her body back to her rooms. Sukiomie was sort of pulled along with it, it seemed she wasn't quite dead but, very close to it if she had been dead she would have no connection to her body what so ever. The woman dabbed her forehead with a wet piece of cloth she seemed upset about something "[i]Why is her heart darkening?[/i]" She thought furrowing her eyebrows slightly. It was odd seeing her own face there motionless and emotionless. Solomon eventually walked in he stopped and looked at her he seemed to want to say something but, in the end decided against it.

Blinking she looked closer at her own body then stared wide eyed as something black flowed through her veins. "[i]The poison.....[/i]" she thought. It was spreading faster than her powers were able to purify and with her having used the last of her own power to weaken the oni the poison was running rampant through her body "[i]So...this is what's killing me...?[/i]" She thought as she peered closer. Reaching out her hand she touched her cheek she could feel her skin it was cold as ice.

"[i]You are a fool you pushed and pushed and you KNEW this would happen and yet you continued to push! What is wrong with you child?![/i]" A voice snapped harshly. It was the same voice as before. Looking around she spotted a small almost invisible mass hovering next to her body. "[b][i]Nothing is wrong with me I am a priestess...I am sworn to protect the innocent...[/i][/b]" She said. Her voice echoed slightly but, she knew that because she was in "Spirit" form she could not be heard by the living. "[i]Whose going to protect them if you die? Have you ever thought of that you twit?[/i]" the voice snapped again. Blinking Sukiomie opened her mouth and then closed it again not sure of what to say. "[i] You protect them and yet you do not know why you protect them you push yourself never thinking of the what ifs you are a fool To call you wisdom is to give insult to the gods.[/i]" The voice said tsking.

"[b][i]I may not know why I protect these people but, I push myself because, if I allow even one death when I know I could do something I become no better than the demons who kill. You may call me what you will but, I will continue doing what I can to save lives even if it puts my own life at risk.[/i][/b]" She said a tinge of anger entering her voice. The "spirit" was silent for awhile before a small chuckle came from it. "[i]Perhaps you are not as dull as I once thought. I will not let you die this time.[/i]" It said and before she could respond she felt a pulling sensation and she was sucked back into her body. The poison purified and color returned to her cheeks her breathing returned to normal and she groaned in protest as her bodily afflictions caught up with her.

Opening her eyes slightly she slowly sat up and and looked at her hands for a long time. Blinking she turned them over and then touche
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 4:02 pm

I used to teach people to RP actually o.o;

I plan on opening an actual Site for more adult RPing thoug....more details in things instead of PG13 on everything :c
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 3:36 pm

Thank you.
Actually how Im RPing is nothing compared to what I usually do.
My posts vary in size depending on how long the others post is.
I usually post anywhere from 5-12 paragraphs.
but, then again I have been RPing for 6 or so years ^^;
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 2:43 pm

No...I didn't but, you seem like a sweet girl and so I wanted too ^^

Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 2:31 pm

I see I see.
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 2:08 pm

Ah I see so which ones you trying to get lol
How long you been on gaia?
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 1:50 pm

~Tilts head slightly and Blinks~
Hmmm what do you mean not sure?
Marisaiko Report | 08/15/2010 1:33 pm

Looks like we shall be RPing together.
Anyways thought I'd come say hi....
Is that everything your questing?
Or just items you put there to fill the space?
Spirit Wolf Guardian Report | 06/21/2010 9:50 am
Spirit Wolf Guardian
yea its ok. it wasn't so much i was mad at u or anything just upset we couldn't hang out. see i've tried to set up plans with other people around here to hang out and they bail on me all the time. then my parents get mad at me cuz i always just wanna hang with nick and no one from around here. so it wasn't u it was the situation
Spirit Wolf Guardian Report | 06/20/2010 6:26 pm
Spirit Wolf Guardian
i'm not mad at u don't worry


*smiles big* Hello. My name is emotionally disterbed. Whats yours?

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