new born photographer. all time dreamer. lover without a cause. I shoot with a canon t1i and pentax k1000.

i'm a reader and a writer.
my pastime is the piano and i am listening to music constantly.
i play zomg when i can, but i have recently been too busy to play.

Find my photography here http://www.flickr.com/photos/lovetoliveyourlife/



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nice to meet you two

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thanks for the add.its nice to meet you.my names ravin.
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 09/18/2010 6:28 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

Aww, so wonderful to know! ^.^ Dear Luna sounds like the lively sort! xD
Cleo is now indoors, and very silent. Perhaps the outdoors excite her?
'Tis quite noisy during the night time. She does startle easily.
Oh yes, I can only relate there. I have always been very clingy with mother, up until after my daughter. biggrin
How is zomging? Yesh, I read your stat recently. xp
Sorry for the stalker-ish, freaky attack. XD Your stat is sometimes jus there, and hard not to take notice. xDD
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 09/17/2010 10:26 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

Hello Deary. ^_^ How have you been? How is Luna?
Well, My daughter is schooling (Not going so well there). She has her moments when she feels lonely without me. xD
However, all is well. I predict in say, another week she will be well adjusted. ^^
Our dear Cleo is outdoors for a time; I should bring her in tonite. The nights here have been rather cool.
Ah, Like fall 'tis! My favorite season! XDD Chat to you soon deary! heart
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 09/01/2010 9:07 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

Wow! That's early compared to the schools in our area. They don't open until next week.
My daughter begins next week also. ^_^ It's cute, her teacher called to let me kno things are ready for her when school starts.
So, we went to the school to show my daughter around a bit. And she saw her desk, with her name on the tiny tag.
lol. My daughter nearly went to tears with joy after she saw it. xDD She could not stop talking about it, so now I think she will be fine.
Awww how adorable! ^.^ Ours is hopping around in her cage atm. xD
She (bunny) had her walk outdoors a few days ago, and hopefully tomorrow if the weather is cool.
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 08/29/2010 12:10 am

Lady Diva Opera Queen

School has began for you already? O.O Well, it's great that you have things under control; and happy to know you are well dear. ^.^
I been okay, busy with work and helping my sister move (with her children). x_x To pile on the stress, by daughter begins school in a week. T.T
How is Luna? ^__^
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 08/26/2010 1:05 am

Lady Diva Opera Queen

Awwwww...I can envision it! Our bunny does that when she's free to roam about her room. xDD SO ADORABLE!!! I do like her name. ^.^ Luna!!! heart
Ahahaha! Yesh!!! He so does xp Yum!
How have you been deary?
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 08/23/2010 6:17 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

You're so very lucky to have such a sweet lil thing! Our bun is quite mean at times. xD Crazy little bun bun she is. xD
And I jus viewed your stat!!! OMG! Congratz!!! Howish Luna btw, and you? ^_^ You named her Luna, eh? heart
Ahh, yesh....It'd be mind blowing to meet someone as intelligent as L (In person).
However intelligent, everyone needs someone to give them love and affection...L needs some loving! dramallama
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 08/19/2010 9:09 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

lol. More demanding than a child, eh? xD If only they can speak in our language! I want to hear wat our bun bun has to say smile
Awww, they are both so adorable! No, they're not related. They're all orphans, and were very close to L when he were in Wammy's with 'em. ^.^
True. ^_^ L is a genius, but does well with speaking to another not on his level of intelligence. Ah, That is so very interesting!
I would like to know exactly wat his character's perspective on jus about anything is. biggrin
I was thinking of a few boy names for your bunny if you haven't found one yet; How do these sound to you (Chester, Charles, Chestnut?)? xD
I will think of more, or look something up. xD
Hope to hear from you soon deary. dramallama
Lady Diva Opera Queen

Report | 08/09/2010 4:40 pm

Lady Diva Opera Queen

lol. She's not able to say Cleopatra clear yet. xD We had her saying it a few times, but even clearly; her bunny will still remain Cleopatrick. heart
Ah so true. Ours, is kind of like a cat...she'll let you kno when she wishes to be held. She can be a stubborn lil girl.
LMFAO! His insanity is wat allowed his craftiness. xD Did you see the ending? And his crazy laugh? AHAHA!!! I loved it!!!
Ah, I jus love Mello and Near as well. xd Mello and his insane love for chocolate reminds me of Light's thirst for Justice ("better society" wink .
And Near and L, Well you can see the similarities? XD
Mhmm...I wish I could meet a guy, same personality, style, features, and voice as L!!! Right down to his sitting pose. heart heart I love that guy!
Oh my, Kenichi Matsuyama portrayed his character so well! Mm...That boy is lovely! Sadly, I doubt he'd be anything like the real Ryuzaki? T.T
Oh No. o.o If it is male, then perhaps something similar to Cheza? ^.^
Lucky you!! xD We sometimes stay at my parents cabin during the summers, it's on a small island...nature is wonderul! smile
If we are going to go, then we plan to leave sometime this week to the concert. Maybe stay a few days @ our relatives.
Although it is creeepy, the area gets quite bad at nite. And many vehicles get jacked. o____o
Let me kno' wat names you decide on xD