Hello there heart I'm Simone ^-^ call me whatever ya like as long as its close :3 Simon isnt accepted lol stare
Hmm well about me.. im always happy or in a good mood :3 i joke around alot cool used too be tootsy_28 whee me friend used to call me twiggy for being short and skinny sometimes twiggy bear so thats how i got the username sweatdrop
Im pretty friendly i dont bite so feel free to pm or add me i dont mind :3


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Hey simon, stalking your profile

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Don't be, he's enjoying himself: http://vid837.photobucket.com/albums/zz297/Weebill2009/VID_20140924_123728_zpsemyyumi4.mp4
You better be sending me some, I'll pay you for liposuction when I get back some money. Probably just passes, jk.

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I brought the twins plane tickets too, I guess we trust them a lot and it doesn't hurt to use them (I don't want our 5 stars hotel room to turn into 3 stars, if the people find out that we're 2 guys and 1 room, and this is Albania we're talking about). And for Jason to stfu/he won't nag if there's girls around. But they met a new local friend there, so I can't pay for them and not for her, but meh, I've still got some money, if I run out, send me some lol. lol
Must be great for trapping farts. emotion_puke What have you been doing at school anyway? HDs? Or just passes? surprised
No prob.

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No I'm not, it's my money that "we're using" on holidays. Add in extra girls, I'm paying for it too. emotion_donotwant I should tell the girls that they're gaining weight, and should order salad... so that it wouldn't cost me so damn much.
Dude, I doubt you even know what your a** look like..it's not like you got eyes at the back of your head. Well at least whoever you're sitting on won't feel the pain of sharp skinny pointy a**. That's a +1 for you. 3nodding

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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :lol
Haha but I guess it'll probably sound a lot worse over there.
Minus the blackness, then yes it's pretty similar.

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Pfft more like poor me, gives me a grocery list he wrote up, can't read a damn word.
We're good, here's his mugshot at the airport.
Anything fun? What uni are you planning to go to? Eh talking about America, I'm kind of sick of hearing September 11 again, and again, and again on the news, because it's near.
And because I'm waiting for him right now, here's a sketch for you, of you: [x]

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Jason can write in Arabic too and speak it. Because he's handwriting is so bad that no one can read it and that he mumbles weird s**t that doesn't make sense when he's sleep talking, I'm joking.
How's school going?

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Did you forget it all?
Okay, have fun thinking of girls then.
And when you come out of the clinic you'll lose all your curves - Koreans don't have much curves at all.

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Don't come crying when they all fall out overnight. cool
Lol did you even learn it? Or did you only learn what food and what clothes are good. Don't bother learning it, most people says learning a second language will give you a better chance of employment, but there are plenty of jobs that does not require a second language. But sure, learn it, if you want to communicate with relatives that don't know how to speak English.
If you did, we will first hit the plastic surgeon's clinic, to get rid of some of that bum fat. Ha suck, have fun, stop thinking of guys and concentrate on your school work first. (:

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Probably all rotten, either way bet they're not pearly white, jk.
Because you're Egyptian. I'll go to Egypt one day, to meet your mummified ancestors, jk. Have you ever been to Egypt?
When do you go back to school? You should travel more, we're going to Korea soon, shame you're not coming. D: You should go one day, because the stuff are cheap (not the cheap crap they have in China, or the food poisoning cheap you will get in Vietnam).


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