Law School student in CT.
I used to be a regular on here, but now I'm more sporadic with my posting.


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General Rantings, confusion and such...

Tuxkatz6's thing...yah...

What my friends can't read can't hurt them. It's basically pertaining to gaia and things I'm not putting up on my xanga because my friends would get pissed at me.


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The Crossed Duck

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The Crossed Duck

May you all have a blessed holiday season.

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God bless you and yours. And Merry Christmas.
~The Duck
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"Words are clumsy tools, and it is very easy to cut one's fingers with them, and they need the closest attention in handling; but they are the tools we have, and imagination itself cannot work without them. You must master the use of them, or you will wander forever guessing at the mercy of mere impulse and unrecognized assumptions an arbitrary associations, carried away with every wind of doctrine." -Felix Frankfurter

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