“Spring makes me sad.” She says. A cool breeze blows by; the dying struggle of a fading winter. High above, buildings reach up towards the sun and sky.
“Why is that? Do you enjoy the cold?” Looking up into the sky, she shakes her head. Eyes closed, she listens to the familiar sounds of the city- unintelligible chatter, sharp yells, distant trains shuddering as they travel along the rails. The city continues as it always does.
“Is it allergies?” She chuckles as she shakes her head again. Someone in front of a store down the street is shouting, trying to appeal to passing potential customers. Distantly, a train rushes by on its rails.
“Spring…” Sighing, she takes a sip from a covered cup half-full with still-hot coffee. “To most people, spring means new beginnings… revival… birth...”
“But, not to you?” Her companion gives her a questioning glance. She smiles back, nodding.
“Let’s get moving.” Standing, she jerks her head to the side and begins to walk in that direction.

“The flowers begin to bloom. The birds return from their migration. To put it simply, life returns... But, this season still makes me sad.” She says as they walk down a path lined by blooming cherry blossoms. Falling petals twirl past, finding rest upon the ground. An artificial river gurgles nearby, but she can still hear the surrounding city.
“What happens to students in the spring?” She asks.
“They move on to the next term, and eventually, they graduate.”
“Each year, you get closer and closer to the end…” A wind blows by, whistling through the trees. Children are running about in the distance, playing, as parents watch from the cobblestone path. She sees a group of people her age sitting beneath a tree, laughing around a picnic blanket.
“The end of what..?”
“A journey.”
“Well, when it ends, start a new one.”
“I don’t want to start a new one… I like the one I’m on now. The people around me and the things that I spend my time doing… I don’t want all of that to end.” Looking up, she gives a sigh. “For once, I can say that I am happy… There’s no guarantee that once this journey ends any of us will still be together, doing the things we love to do, now.”
“There’s no guarantee that we won’t still be together.”
“I know….”
“Then why worry..?”
“Because, I’m still getting used to being happy. I’m living with my head up, now… because of everyone’s help… But, if we all part after that day…”
“We will part after that day, I’m certain of that. A few months from now we’re all going to go our separate ways. That doesn’t mean the bonds between us will fade, though.” A grin. The one that would always instill her with confidence, back when they had first met. Even now, it hadn’t lost that power. After a moment she nods, smiling sadly. She grabs hold of her companion’s hand.
“Is that a promise, then?”
“Do you want it to be?” Again, the wind blows gently. Far off, a train rushes by on its rails. The surrounding city continues to move forward as the seasons change, reaching for the sky as it always does. She looks up and smiles, leaning against her a familiar shoulder.



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