Hi.Its nice to meet you! If you want to be my friend then you need to know some things about me! I am a respectfull, kind, independant, artistic, shy, dependable, musical person. I have a love for alot of different kinds of music. Most of them are Metal, death metal, psychedelic trance, techno, J-pop, country, Folklore, Rennisance folk rock, and rock. I am mostly a calm and happy person but if someone makes me really mad then there might be a problem. My art consists of vampires(not the sparkly ones,) blood, love, darkness, horror, and somtimes weirdness. I am writting 4 books called, Vivian's Blood, 3 Years, and The Hell/ Heaven Gate Keeper, and Bloody trails Fallow. My favorite animals are wolves, ravens, bats, and cats. I am loved by my family and friends. I love to read and draw and think or make stories. I love to sing and listen to music.
I am also the type of person who loves scary things.
Thank you for reading this! biggrin


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Journal of Blood



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Because my forums don't get any results, I'm pushing for an art contest. The first prize is 500 k so if you're interested, just follow the link below or PM me c:
The forum explains everything... including WHY I'm doing it biggrin I hope to see you respond!

~Art contest~
Tami-Chan 20

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Tami-Chan 20

Thanks for commenting, faving, and rating my drawing. I didn't draw blood because TJ was 14 when Uso took his eye and he's 17 now so the wound's pretty much healed by now >.> He never got the proper treatment right away so it got all infected and it looks really nasty. That's why he covers it with either hair or an eyepatch. Also, it's a story my friend and I both wrote. Uso is her character. love your art btw XD

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yup! you are a good artist!

hey there! thanks for your comment on "theBoiling"
^^ i'm really happy you like it... some people don't really appreciate gory stuff...

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I love to view other people's drawing that are around my age. ^,^ And because what I just said is true, I must pass down my wisdom. "Always wash your hands after using a towel." "Always slap someone when they seem to be delusional." "Always never make a sometimes eventually soon." May the sores be with you.


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Everyone is a book of blood, when we are opened we are red. 3nodding